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failure multimedia screen 2013 GXL diesel Prado

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  • failure multimedia screen 2013 GXL diesel Prado

    After some advice please on what to do.
    The problem:-
    Had the multimedia screen fail today. My servicing Toyota dealer was able to check out the car today and it needs a replacement.
    The screen will not work -no reversing camera, no mobile phone contacts shown and no radio. The screen is not blank but strangely shows (if this makes sense) the top half displays very very small squares like a chess board and also a 'picture' of the multimedia screen and buttons. The bottom half is blank with a single thin horizontal line moving across the screen from left to right.
    The fix:-
    I have a current in force Factory Approved Extended Warranty (Premium $1,462 for extra 3 years and for 150,000km - current milage 71,000km) -which expires 3 Jan 2020
    The Toyota dealer has said it will be replaced with a refurbished unit -which they do even if the car is only 1 year old. Not impressed.
    I have told them I will not accept a 2nd hand replacement part. I expect a brand new part. A Toyota new car warranty to me does not mean replacing with used parts especially not for a premium of $1462.
    They will investigate and let me know tomorrow on whether a new or refurbished unit will be offered. I feel though that I will only be offered a refurbished unit. The warranty would only be for remainder of the policy - this means 2 months!
    Has anyone been forced to accept a refurbished unit?
    Are they any good?
    I feel I should not have to accept a second hand part. Am I being silly? Am I worrying unnecessarily?

    Your thoughts and advice would be most welcome
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    Either way when it fails the next time, just replace it with a Kenwood DDX919WS if your budget stretches that far, otherwise a Chinese Android unit.

    That way you end up with Apple carplay/Android Auto


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      Thanks for your reply BLW.
      hopefully it wont fail again!

      Some feedback for those who may be in my position in the future to assist you:-
      After speaking with many people this is the situation:-
      1. Unit is a Fujitsu
      2. Toyota dealership parts department - very helpful but no new unit available at all (not in system or a cost available even though I provided part number being 100265)
      3. my Toyota dealership service department - referred to management at my request as not happy. Outcome today-offered only a refurbished unit with warranty of 2 months. I refused.
      4. Consumer affairs - Replacement must be of 'similar condition and an identical product'. No obligation to replace with a brand new unit -supplying refurbished is acceptable. However consumer warranty expectation would be at least 12 months plus (not acceptable 2 months being end of my extended warranty). Question - how do you ascertain similar condition if a refurbished is
      5. Toyota extended warranty company - helpful - very common problem - plenty of faulty screens, only refurbished are ever supplied, never had a complaint about quality of refurbished unit.
      12 month warranty is provided (not 2 months as offered) Be aware that only refurbished units are supplied even if your car is only 1 year old.

      OUTCOME:- Accepted a refurbished unit (no choice) but on proviso that it has a 12 month warranty stated on my Toyota service docket. Expect next week if available on shelf.



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        Its not just Toyota that does the exchange units, its been the norm for this for at least 20 years that i know of with the manufacturers , also Fujitsu are very easy to deal with with out of warranty issues , its the lazy staff on the front desk who are on a retail target who are usually the problem
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          Thanks Bear63.

          I wasn't aware that refurbished is the norm.
          Companies must replace with 'similar 'condition and an identical model. As such a refurbished unit is not really legal as they have no idea of its age and previous use compared to your unit. I assume they would not replace all its parts and therefore they are certainly not in the best interests of customers. It is a cost thing more than a new unit being unavailable. That's my thoughts anyway.
          Good to know Fujitsu are easy to deal with but I could not find a contact number anywhere to ring them to discuss what a refurbished unit means to them.


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            You will find it is standard that any part replaced under warranty only has the balance of the original warranty, it may be a new part or assembly but as it is a warranty replacement not a new purchase it will not carry it's own warranty. This is very much how all manufacturer warranties work.

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