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Intermittent left rear speed sensor fault

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  • Intermittent left rear speed sensor fault

    Anyone have experience fault finding an open or short in the left rear speed sensor circuit? I experienced the attached flashing lights for the first time on a trip in July.

    Took the car to Toyota in Port Macquarie and they said the fault code for the issue is C1408 (Open or Short in Rear Speed Sensor LH Circuit). If it does show up it is normally on engine start. I've had a few instances of it showing up while driving. Once the flashing lights start the don't stop until the engine shut down.

    Toyota in Adelaide have taken the speed sensor out, cleaned it up and reinstalled it but I'm still getting this fault and it seems to be occurring more regularly. However, when asked for a plan to fault find the problem the Toyota dealer can't or won't do any better than "bring it in and we'll have a look at it".

    Tracking down an intermittent fault is never easy. If anyone could recommend someone in Adelaide that has the equipment, knowledge and skills to fault find this efficiently I'd appreciate you pointing me in their direction.

    [COLOR="#A9A9A9"][B]2011 Prado 150[/B]
    SmartBar, Kings springs, Bilstein shocks with a ScanGuage on the way.
    Occasionally tows a 14.44 Jayco Expanda Outback[/COLOR]

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    Check all wiring around rear for damage to where it disappears inside the bodywork.
    if none, then buy a cheap code reader (Ultragauge or the likes or find someone with one)

    And swap the faulty sensor with one from other wheel (if same same length and part) and see if it goes away or if issue now switches to the other wheel (Code will verify this)

    That's going to be the easiest way to troubleshoot.


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      This may help as well as what Piggy said;


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        Any dirt /stone roads before the problem arose? I had a similar issue on my 120 after a stone hit it. I got a second hand one from a wrecker. Problem solved at about 1/3 The Toyota price. Make sure that it is for the back left.


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          a wheel speed sensor is only a coil , so attach a continuity checker to the plug , then poke and prod every centimetre of the cable right to the end and see if goes open circuit. also look at the plug and socket pins with a magnifying glass to see the fault is there. even try pinching the contacts closed a bit more.


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