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  • suspension options.

    Hi guys.
    Have been reading through th threads, but as a bit of a newbie to suspension, have ended up more confused than i started lol.
    I have a 2015 toyota prado gxl and am looking to upgrade the suspension with a bit of a lift.
    most off roading will be sand and beach, but a few tracks with a lot of cap rock/ruttsa etc to get there. do quite a few road trips up north to exmouth etc, and want to do a bit more touring. currently have cooper discoverer at3 lts.
    I also tow a 5.5m aluminium boat quite frequently.
    I will be putting in place the arb summit bull bar, and recovery points, and the advise for an approropriate suspension was as follows.

    30mm Lift spring in the front

    25mm lift spring in the rear

    Rear spring with 300kg constant weight rating

    Wheel alignment

    old man emu from arb, i think he reccomended goign with a softer shock on the back to maintain comfort and help with the towing.
    Just wondering if anyone has any commennts. i have read that sometimes going the 50ml lift can potential effect your drive components etc... but then again, is 30ml likley top be enough?
    any advise greatly appreciated.

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    i have a 2014 gx and have been told (I live in Queensland) that 2 inch is the max it can be (and has been) raised, not sure if this is different with a 2015. at any rate i have a 2 inch lift and medium on front and back and its perfect, i dont tow but have a shitload of weight in the back and its perfect. suspension done at ARB with OME


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      Drop into WA Suspensions in Osborne Park and have a chat. I've got 3 x leaky shocks so decided to get full shock / spring replacement next week which will also give 50mm lift (max recommended) I'm not getting anything too advanced, just KYB shocks and Lovells springs. I found them way more cost effective than ARB and more knowledgeable / helpful.


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        Would like to hear how the new suspension goes galls and mind me asking price ?


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          check out

          there do there own "Superior Adjustable Monotube Remote Reservoir Shocks"
          they are adjustable and rebuildable so will last for ever and they are proven and tested to cop a hiding . i use them cant fault them


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            I got a 2inch OME lift on my 2014 gxl. Great offroad and towing but very stiff and harsh during normal driving on the bitumen...something to be mindful about I reckon.


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              Hey Mate,
              I've got a gx 2012 with outback armour shocks and springs with air bags. All with a 50mm lift.
              I went for heavy duty front springs as I i have a winch, bar and dual battery.
              In the rear I went standard duty springs and the longer shocks to suit the lift.
              installed air bag man airbags and honestly they are the best bang for buck on the car. I love them.
              As the car is typically driven as a daily unladen, i didnt want a harsh ride and be bouncing around the cab every day, but when i'm ready to head out somewhere i can load it up still.

              I built the car up to do 6 weeks in the kimberley and it's also my daily drive.
              We have it loaded up with food, water, 240liters of diesel, read bar, dual wheel carrier and all the camping gear.
              The car sat low in the rear, but pump the air bags up to level the car out (from memory i had about 30psi) and to aid the normal duty springs and bam! ready for the trails. We did loads of offroads, i had two week solo so did a heap of trails, not just gravel tracks and the car didnt miss a beat.

              I installed everything myself, just go to a good wheel alignment place. The first place i took it aligned the wheel and within a few thousan kms, the fronts were wrecked. Turns out they didnt align it at all, they took it for a drive and said it's all sorted, just charged me 300 for the privilege. If you need any details, drop me a line mate, happy to let you have alook, a drive, and give you the places in perth i went too.

              Good luck with it.


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                here's me system man