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    I bought some of the "Titan" drawers from the "4WD Supacentre" in Lilydale today. Looking at them in a friends car they looked great and he said he was happy with them. He did say he was a little disappointed in 4WD Supacentre because they said the 120 ones would fit the 90 series (they don't sell 90 series as such.) He found that the wings that go with them required cutting quite alot ofthe plastic trim on the passenger side and left a big gap on the drivers side.
    I was told the drawers fit the 90 series and you can use a universal wing kit to make up the wings, they do fit, but in order to get them to fit you have to cut the base of the plastic wheel arch trims both sides. Then the drawers fit up against the actual wheel arches with maybe 1mm to spare either side. Next problem is they don't sit flat, well in my car at least so I'll have to make up spacers, including one at the front. If you use the existing third row seat lock in points to bolt into the support isn't really wide enough, so I'll have to devise a spacer, maybe a 10mm thick piece of wood to sit under the front.
    I'm not saying they're no good, especially at this early stage when I haven't fully fitted them. Just giving an idea of what to expect if you get them. They are very heavy IMO unnecessarily heavy. The edges on the steel are very sharp- I actually filed them down before getting into it to avoid cuts. And they were marked and scratched when I got them. Theres a screw sticking out of the front of one of the drawers for no apparent reason, the supplied bolts are a different size from those used to fasten the seat latches down so will need to get some longer ones of the right size tomorrow. They do fit but expect a fair bit of stuffing around if you get them.

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    ooofff it sounds like a bit of a nightmare. just as well one takes these thing with a bit of elbow grease, philosophy and a beer nearby >

    Titan draws hey , they seem a little tooo tighten if you ask me.

    just as well your handy with your hands , and in this case with the saw .


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      Hey buddy!
      Yes Tonz ,probably would have been only slightly more involved building my own from scratch, hehe. Tested my patience, let alone the poor missus! >_< The bolts they gave me were M10 1.5, I needed M10 1.25 to use the existing seat bolts. So this morning trip to Bunnings- only do M10 1.5. But Autobarn had the 1.25's 6 for $18. Okay, then I got a 2.4m 60x12mm harwood piece, about $25. ! meter under the back and 1m under the front. Spacers for the 6 bolts were 4 stacked washers about $6 for two packs. The sides of the drawers sat on the wagon floor, but the rest didn't hence the spacers. But eventually got it all in ,lined up, spring washers on them plus a little locktight. thought about going onto the wings. Sorry to read the instructions- "Remove drawers before installing wings" lol. But nah, I'm sure I can do them in situ. They're good though- popped my recovery gear in there. That I haven't used yet. They open and close. Next to go camping this coming weekend. I'll do the wings later, but did set up a Uniden Handpiece controller CB- the other one didn't work- probably cos I found someone had cut the aerial cable.


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        Actually quite liking the drawers! They're good.
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          so the rear seats out and the wing section yet to do . gee its looking good so far . at least it has compensated with good looks and now the practical use to come.


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            Hey Buddy! Yeah they do look pretty good- not sure I actually want to put the wings in now as the sides are a great place to put the folded up table (left) and gas bottle (right). Might actually work better without them!
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              Fits better if you trim the wings rather than plastic trim, fidely but a lot neater.


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                Originally posted by Darren/Dags View Post
                Fits better if you trim the wings rather than plastic trim, fidely but a lot neater.
                Yeah I have seen someone cut the trim to fit the wings because they said the 120's would fit the 90. They also ended up with a gap on the right. I was sold a universal wing kit- but I'm liking the setup without them cos there's space to sit a battery, wedge a little gas bottle ,and store other bits and pieces without messing about with wings.


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                  I am looking into getting a draw system for my prado 2000 model, but I'm not sure which ones to go for I'm still leaning more towards the titan tho, sorry for the dumb question but what's the wings? What's it for? And do you need them??


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                    My 1997 Prado GXL 5vz-fe V6 (I bought it new) is now being used by my son. Although hey - I do have a key for it on my key ring!

                    He put some Titan drawers in it. The bolts were the wrong size and thankfully I realised the supplied ones were a courser pitch than the factory threads. He found bolts at perhaps Autobarn. He put some chip board onto the floor on the front side of the drawers, to make them level - the floor is lower there. He use my el cheapo multi tool's vibration cutter to trim the wheel arches - he took off something like 10 to 15 mm off each wheel arch's plastic covering. A small gap resulted between the trimmed wheel arch plastic and the vertical drawer casing. If that is filled with an opaque filler, it would look like a very neat fitment.

                    The drawers look good and work well. It's a fiddly job and the instructions at times he said, are not helpful. I suspect wings would make it difficult to get at things underneath them, and he has no intention of fitting wings. The best draw kits are IMO Drifta ones. I am going to order some for my Disco, but the wait is 9 months. They use space much better as they have not bulky bearings. But at $1,600 it makes no sense for an old vehicle such as a 90 series, and the Titan via 4WDdiscovery site, at $370, are basically extremely good value and they include a top fridge slide on one side. Their shallow height appealed to my son as he carries inside the vehicle my pop up OzTent and it requires a lowish floor level in order to fit in.

                    He now needs an affordable timing belt change (help would be appreciated there guys in Melbourne or Victoria somewhere), and he needs to find a split middle seat, as he has a new dog and a split arrangement in the middle seat would make things a lot better for him.

                    He chose the car when he was 5 years old ... admittedly he most loved the rear seating, and the quantity of drink holders (the Prado had I think 8 back then!). Drink holders were "new tech" back then. Mine doesn't have ABS or air bags - I did not trust ABS on dirt or mud back then. And I was right too. I'm not so sure about the lack of air bags ... I have a picture of me taking him to Pre-school for his first day at school next to the Prado, and also, a picture of him next to it taking him to school, on his last day of school. He promises me he's going to pay for it one day too ...
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                      I'm looking at some drawers for a 150 GXL. Hoping to put some in without taking out the 3rd row. These guys look pretty good but not planning on spending that much for something I'll have in the car 3-4 times a year (

                      Has anyone installed the Titan drawers on top of the 3rd row of seats? Is this even possible?


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