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Skid plate removal

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  • Skid plate removal

    Hi guys, dropped my oil filter onto the skid plate the other day, tried to get the front one off, but could only manage to get the back one off. This worked OK to get my hand in and get out the filter, but I wonder does anyone know where else the front skid plate bolts on to besides the three bolts at the front?

    Also if you're using generic 14mm fibre washers on the sump plug beware, I used one the last time I drained the oil (September 2019) and torqued to spec with a torque wrench but when i went to drain it the sump plug was only finger tight with a drop of oil on it!!! I check levels every couple of weeks and did not notice any massive loss, but I used a Toyota fibre washer this time and will recheck the torque after 100km or so.

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    Hi RedAdventureWagon,

    From my recollections, there are circular recesses, one each side, a little way back from the front. In each recess, there is a bolt that is tapped into the chassis. You need a socket to get to the bolt heads in the recesses. Sorry, I cannot remember the socket size, but it could be the same size as the other protection plate bolts.
    Good luck.
    2019 Prado GXL 2.8L Diesel
    2003 Jimny too


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      Thanks watsea, yes I got the three front ones, and two recessed ones on the back of the front plate off, these 2 recessed ones loosened up the rear plate which has another two on it, and then the rear plate came off no worries, but the front one remained solidly in place, maybe I need to look harder . It was raining oil from the dropped filter at the time from the dropped filter.


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        About half way back in the plate is 2 bolts into the front end recessed into the plate. They are ovalish in shape. Need short extension in there too! Then swing the back of the plate down and it will unhook from the front. Install is the reverse.


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          I shall have to have another look thank you guys. Another excuse to buy some tools


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            Yeah get a torch and you will find them, you can’t see with the naked eye, completely out of view.


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