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Weird clutch feel

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  • Weird clutch feel

    Hi guys having a weird issue with the Prado. The clutch pedal feels notchy when it is both pressed in and let out. It feels like it is catching on little notches like a ratchet if that makes sense? Previous owner had the clutch replaced last year and it hasn't seen many km. Clutch itself feels good with no slipping. No noises or anything. Checked the slave cylinder and it looks OK no leaks and it's full. Anyone experience anything like this? It is smooth as butter until you drive for a little bit. Cheers

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    Update: took the rubber boot off where the clutch fork is and sprayed all in there with lanolin. Smoother than before. Like silk now. Is there some type of grease or anything that should be in there or is a squirt of lanolin good every service or when it gets gritty good?


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      Update: urghhh it is doing it again. Back to the drawing board. I hope it isn't the clutch fork I reeeallly don't want to have to pull the Trans.


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        The wrong grease on the input shaft could do this. I think its meant to be a graphite type.
        You could ring and ask whoever did the clutch job what they used and hopefully get the truth.
        The clutch release bearing could be catching on the spoiled grease


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          It should be very sparingly used that grease too. Maybe you could try and flush it out with more of your lanolin spray. Pull the boot from the clutch cylinder and let loose. You could also remove the bottom four bolts or so from the gearbox/flywheel housing interchange with engine- 17mm, they only hold up a thin cover, from there you could peer up inside and really douse the area while getting someone to pump the clutch