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Speedometer issue - abs problem!? No VSS on transfer case

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  • Speedometer issue - abs problem!? No VSS on transfer case


    I've had an issue with my speedo not working for a while. I've spent a $500 at 2 different auto electricians who couldn't diagnose the problem. Hopefully here can help. I have a 2002 prado 95 3.4l auto petrol with the active traction control.

    The fault code is Po500 obd2 complaint. Vehicle speed sensor circuit. No speedo working, handbrake light always on, abs and traction control light with all 4 wheels lit up suggesting that the abs and trc are disabled all the time.

    The OD light flashes and engine warning light comes on after starting to drive.

    This car doesnt have the VSS on the transfer case like other models and we assume the speed is picked up through the abs wheel speed sensors. Nobody can find the fault. All the abs sensors have been tested and are producing voltage with all the same resistance.

    All the wiring diagrams suggest it has a VSS attached to the transfer case and we cannot find the correct wiring diagrams for this model.

    Does anybody have the correct wiring diagrams or can suggest if there is a speedo sensor attached to a part of the car we cannot find. I'm out of options now as 2 recommended auto electricians are stumped too so maybe someone here can help!?

    We are about to drive to the cape and are on dual fuel so I would love to fix this problem asap to help with our fuel management.


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    If you have no luck fixing before trip a cheap GPS will give you speed and distance for about $100+ or put an app on your phone. Wont solve the lights problem and abs etc tho.


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      The wheel speed sensors need to be scoped for the correct waveform. Has anyone removed them and checked for metallic contamination on them?
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        Thanks, yeah gps is our last option but we have considered it.

        The wheel speed sensors have been removed and cleaned according to the auto electrician. Not sure he checked the waveform but he said he got the same voltage and resistance off each sensor which was around 400mv from memory.

        As he cannot find the correct manual/wiring diagram I'm not sure he know what the exact specifications where he is testing for.

        Do you guys think it would likely be the abs sensors causing the issue?


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          Im having the exact same issue.
          I have checked all ABS sensors and all okay. all fuse's etc all good. anyone had any luck solving this issue?