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Yaw Rate Sensor 2001 Prado Grande

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  • Yaw Rate Sensor 2001 Prado Grande

    G’day All,
    Newby here – desperate for assistance. I have a Toyota Prado Grande 2001 (Grey import from Japan). My Yaw Rate sensor has failed. I have spent the last 12 months seeking a replacement Part Number 89180 60010. I soon established that Toyota no longer manufacture this part and finding even a second hand part is impossible to find BUT hidden in a discussion at another place I read an old thread where the writer stated that he had the same problem and he was able to replace the Yaw sensor with a Lexus part (no other details given). I have found a Lexus part 89180 60030. Is this a comparable sensor? This part appears to be available for purchase,
    My mechanics and Auto Electrician have give up on my job so I am left to try and find the correct part but this is well out of my comfort zone and as a pensioner I am loath to purchase the part without some sound advise. Is there anyone out there who has the skills and knowledge to provide me with some good advise. Am very happy with my car but I am told that not only tracking is not working because of the failed Yaw Sensor, but the ABS cannot be trusted to work either.
    I thank you in anticipation of any assistance given.
    kind regards – Martin

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    Form what I have seen the part numbers would be the same if it was the same part, ie I was looking for an inner door handle for my prado, they use
    the same handle on a few different models, it is listed as the same part number for each. I would be wary of the part unless you can confirm it is the same.

    If it wasn't a grey import I would put more pressure on Toyota, one expects a 2001 model car to be repairable.
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