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Prado Loss of Power

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  • Prado Loss of Power

    My 3.4lt 2002 auto Prado Advantage towing a one tonne camper trailer does not want to go up hills - slows to a crawl - 1st gear on steeper ones. Without trailer, it's a faster crawl.

    Fuel economy is18-20lt/100 km with trailer and best economy lightly loaded without trailer is 15lt/100km. No knocks, no backfires, no rough running, timing belt within service interval - tried all fuel types, injector cleaner, changed spark plugs, changed air flow sensor, cleaned air cleaner. No check lights.

    The car used to consistently deliver 11.5 to 12.5lt/100km heavily loaded

    I've checked brakes and bearings for temperature - all cool including trailer - checked tyre pressures - need to check wheel alignment. But I cant escape fact -- unexplained engine power loss.
    Gave up and took it to Toyota. - Compression fine, all diagnostics OK, problem not found --- $260 please.

    I'm now waiting for delivery of new fuel filter. But I'm running out of ideas

    Any ideas?


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    Replaced MAF(mass airflow) sensor ?? Or cleaned at the least. In the air ducting after the air cleaner. Cheap to replace $180 ish.


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      Your MAF sensor is a hot wire type so try cleaning it first, CRC make a MAF sensor cleaner, just spray it and let it dry although as you have replaced it probably not the issue. Try disconnecting your battery to let it reset to its default program.
      Do you have the same issue on both fuel tanks? A high pressure fuel pump is fitted in each tank, if it is the same on both tanks you can partially rule out fuel pressure. Does it maintain high revs in a low gear, say second? Have you changed the fuel filter? Is engine response and power good up to 3000 rpm? Above 3000 rpm your knock sensors come into play and you might be getting timing retardation.
      In short you need to list as much detail as you can to help people assist.

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        Thanks Leethal
        Yes, I cleaned the MAF - no change. Then replaced it - no appreciable change.
        Both tanks - same.
        Replaced the fuel filter. Emptied the old filter - the fluid started out like a cloudy emulsion followed by darker flow.
        I suspect that engine was being starved.
        Car 'feels' like it has more power but have yet to connect up the trailer and take it into the hills.