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What did you do to your 90 today?

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  • Originally posted by Tonz View Post
    online and in the common shop out lets , i didnt find a suitable electronic antena that was a universal model wich would fit. super cheap had one also for about 60 odd dollas but the thread was just a little short ... i settled for now on a holden antenna as the 90 s have an out let at about 45% angle . and as well as a small area of space under means that it is almost compatible with the holden standard antenna . non electronic. .. it just fit with minor modifications and was only about 20 bucks..
    it will do for now . till i think of something better.
    I'm thinking of running 2 antennas..or is that "antennae"? One 3 dBi and one about 9 with a line splitter between them. In any event I want to change my antenna as its running on a snapped UHF cable that I've just twisted and taped together.


    • the cheapo holden job i did is working fine but it sounds like twisting and taping also works! . its a tricky one. i did like the automatic one when it wasnt busted but thats how it goes . they are all getting old now so the 90 series are going to start having some make shift jobs to get them through.