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Upgrading from a 2007 120 series

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  • Upgrading from a 2007 120 series

    Hi all,
    thanks for any advice you can give.
    I’ve a 2007 Prado GXL, 4l Petrol, 160k km, runs well, recently replaced a bearing in one of the wheels - first thing that went on it.
    Bought a Jayco Expanda dual axle outback last year, 2.3t (never weighed) been on a few trips, longest is 2,000km. Went fine. Some forward backward bouncing but not a great deal. Using a Hayman Reece WDH - appears fine.
    We are planning a longer trip from Sydney out to Alice, the Rock, etc, on sealed roads and I’m wondering whether taking a 14 year old car on that trip is too
    much and I should just bite the bullet and get a new GXL. Few mates reckon the Ford Everest is the go because of the higher power rating but I am a massive fan of the Prado and am wondering how the new Diesel engine in the 2021 Prado handles the hills with a 2.5t caravan on the back. And of course wife and three teenagers adds to the weight!!
    Another mate reckons get the Prado and get the GVM upgrade.
    Any advice appreciated. Thanks very much.

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    I am guessing 5 to 7000km, all bitumen very flat running, to me that is not a reason to update your vehicle with 160 000km on it, maybe an excuse!
    I would get the suspension checked over, maybe some new dampeners/shocks, that about it
    If you are exceeding your tow limit, different story. The first thing I would do is put your fully loaded van over a weighbridge

    But I am very interested in responses from people with the latest Prado as this week I am likely to order a new Prado to replace my 300 000km 2014 Pajero which tows a 2.2T hybrid van



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      Thanks Mark. I’ll get the suspension checked and also try a weighbridge. Appreciate it. Also interesting to hear if anyone has a recent model Prado and has a view. Cheers.


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        Before purchasing the current 2021 model Prado for heavy towing, read this and crunch your numbers carefully. A GVM upgrade probably won't remedy this limitation
        "Sure it’s quiet, for a diesel, but that’s like being well-behaved… for a murderer."- Jeremy Clarkson


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          Thanks for that Peter - worth considering. I’ll have to get to the weigh bridge as Not Enough Time suggested.


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            Upgrade the suspension and just keep going. The V6 is a strong motor. Requires regular oil changes and it'll go forever.

            If it is just the 5 of you, you can easily unclick the 3rd row seats to reduce weight. With the 150, it is a 15min unbolting process and then adding a false floor to level things up.
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              You could still do big trips (and actually off road too) in your 120 if it was 20yrs old with 350,000km on it. The 160,000km you’ve got on yours are genuine low kms & highly sought after by buyers looking for a used 120. Of course though, if you want people to tell you what you want to hear, then by all means get a new Prado if it fits in your budget & since you’re dying to buy one anyway . Your petrol 120 is super reliable though trustworthy for long more remote trips.
              2005 120 series V6 Grande, 2 inch susp lift (King/EFS combo), 32 inch MT’s, Safari Snorkel, rear diff lock, breathers, Light Force spotlights, UHF, dual batteries.


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                Still doing long trips in my 2000 90 series V6 with almost 390,000km on it!


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                  Thanks Brett, Amts and Red - sounds like I’m keeping the 120 then. It’s still in good nick and your advice gives me confidence there are a lot more kms left in it.

                  Amts, when you said to upgrade the suspension, did you mean to get the GVM upgrade on my 120?

                  Thanks very much again all.


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                    Test drove a new Fortuner and Prado yesterday, sorry to say they felt gutless compared to my V6, I expected more from 150kW and 500Nm.

                    In my opinion, a 4 cylinder engine just doesn’t cut the mustard. Perhaps a late model V6 with a BTC upgrade might be worth considering if you need to tow more than 2500kg.

                    If not, your current V6 is certainly up to the task but a GVM upgrade beyond 3090kg by maximising the axle ratings (1290kg front and 1800kg rear) isn’t available. You’d have talk to an engineer to see if that’s possible
                    Last edited by Peterpilot; 23-02-2021, 07:55 PM. Reason: Axle ratings added
                    "Sure it’s quiet, for a diesel, but that’s like being well-behaved… for a murderer."- Jeremy Clarkson


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                      I put some good suspension on mine a few years ago, the Ironman that Whitey did on here, and it made a huge difference, especially when towing

                      2010 Silver GXL Prado 150, D4D Auto, with a few non standard bits


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                        Originally posted by krypto View Post
                        I put some good suspension on mine a few years ago, the Ironman that Whitey did on here, and it made a huge difference, especially when towing
                        did you do the upgrade as part of group buy thing or did you go to ironman after.

                        I am looking at potentially doing an upgrade and wonder if anyone got the specs on Whitey special so i can organise it - asked an ironman shop not long ago - they had no idea what i am talking about -


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                          @ OP's question - no you dont need diesel for the proposed route - its not remote enough when storage fuel be a consideration (where greater range of diesel helps a lot) and if this is a one off trip and until you know for sure DPF issue is under control with the new prado - stick with your petrol

                          We did around alice and uluru 13 years ago on a 2WD including a couple unsealed section where 4WD is "recommended" - got a bit dicey on a few hazard where we had to pick up a line to ensure momentum is not lost.

                          Perhaps stay out of the Mereenie Tourist loop only for the benefit of your jayco - unless they are a lot better these days


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