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where to buy 2nd and 3rd Row seats and seat belts for Prado 150 ?

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  • where to buy 2nd and 3rd Row seats and seat belts for Prado 150 ?

    Good day Folks!

    Greetings from Singapore!

    Glad to be able to find this place!

    About myself, i drive a Triton L200 ( have been for the last 9 years) and its literally my first wife!

    Right now, due to family needs, a 7 seater would be preferable.

    the issue on hand is cars literally cost an arm and a leg ( plus other taxations here) and would not have considered a prado at all.

    Until i saw the new Prado Utility:

    its bassically a stripped down Prado 150 with a 6 speed manual gear box, no back seats.

    To make things better, these are registered as a commercial vehicle here ( means i pay $360 to $700 road tax a yr vs $3.2k for a normal registered.

    My idea is to get the Prado Utility ( i dont need all the extra frills), but i do need to find the 2nd and 3rd row seats.

    I've been looking all over the internet to see if these can be bought easily ( i'm in import/ export trade, so shipping is no issue)

    Lastly, the passenger prado here cost $195k vs the utility cos $115k . so if i can install the seats and seat belts into the utility and drive it around, it would defnitely be a good " family " car

    plus diesel here is cheaper than petrol!

    thank you in advance people!



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    Try its a market place for anything.

    There are always Prado seats for sale, especially 3rd row seats for Prado 150s.
    Offroaders replace them with drawer systems, so there are usually some seats and fittings up for sale and going much cheaper than new from Toyota. You will have to sweet talk the seller into sending them to you tho.