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Diesel is the devil?

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  • Diesel is the devil?

    Hey guys,
    Getting out of my 200 and thinking a Prado is my next. Reading a lot of scary stuff about D4D.
    I would like the V6 as i think it suits my driving better.
    No towing, short daily drive, quiet and powerful, maybe a 2 week trip on dirt roads etc. and only weekends camping.
    However there is a shortage of them under 150,000kms around that 30-40k price range. Talking 150 series.

    Ive read so much stuff about the diesels having issues, but just today i parked my 200 in the carpark and within 10metres of me there were 5 prados all D4D! Surely theyre not that scary if there are so many on the road??

    D4Ds are much easier to find but sooooo many horror stories. Id go a V6 but theyre never up for sale and people make them sound like they either guzzle fuel or lie about their economy. I came from patrols that use 14-16L per hundred. My 200 uses 15-16L.

    I know its been done to death but how many confirmed cases are there of D4D problems?
    i love the appeal of no injector, pump, turbo issues etc. No carbon buildup etc. Sick of worrying about that stuff.
    So the V6 is preference but hard to find.

    Convince me ill be fine with the D4D...

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    No guarantees with diesel. Downgrading from a 200 you'll notice the difference straight away.

    Having owned both, Id stay with petrol, too risky with prado D4D nowadays and huge maintenance bills to ensure they dont go bang. Petrol wins in the long run.


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      Depends.. the 1gd is looking to be a good reliable motor but the power will be lacking compared to the 200.


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        Ah for the "good" old days with mechanical injector pumps when diesels didn't need an electrical control system and would go on forever.
        I think that most of the troubles with modern engines is caused by anti pollution measures, exhaust re-circulation, particulate filtering etc. This combined with much higher pressure injection which is electronically controlled may be good for economy but does not help reliability. For instance several manufacturers have had issues with leaking seals and diesel getting into the oil.
        Having said all that my 2015 2.8 diesel has been no trouble (yet) despite much worrying on my part about the DPF blocking.


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          I'm so sick of following stinky Toyota's doing a PDF burn.
          How come Toyota can keep on selling cars with this rubbish hanging over owner's heads.
          Even the Mrs can now tell when we're getting close to another stinker, they're worse than the ancient N/A 6-potter fitted in old cruisers.
          Will be the end of diesel sales when a huge company like Toyota can't get it remotely right.
          Modern petrol engine wins over Euro??? diesel for me.
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            Used to own a V6 150, great engine you won't be disappointed. Currently in the market for a new 150 and so bummed they dropped the petrol, having to settle for the 2.8 in the meantime but hoping the next model will have a petrol version again
            2011 Upgrade V6 GXL Graphite, Optima Yellowtop/Redarc Dual Battery setup, Dobinsons/Bilsteins 2inch Lift, Rhino Pioneer SXB Tray, Foxwing Awning/Tagalong


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              I have driven the 200 once, and currently own a 150 1GD. I must admit, the grunt is noticeably less compared to the 200.

              DPF is hassle, however I don't think it is not manageable. I am no expert, but I think the culprit of most DPF failures is the car's failure to do complete burn when it needs to. One way to help overcome that, which I have found very useful to date, is to use a tool to monitor the particulate matter's accumulation and adjust the driving (style) accordingly, i.e do a longer drive when the car is doing the burn/regeneration.

              This is only from my little experience of having a 16' 1GD for 60,000 kms and then 18' 1GD for 20,000 kms.


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                You won't be able to avoid issues with a newer D4D, they are included in the class action lawsuit for the DPF issues. They do not seem to suffer from the timing chain issues that Fortuner and Hilux suffer (due to additional balance shaft it seems). The jury is out on if they have dust ingress issues, but worth keeping in mind.

                I found an older 150 V6 with 60ks on it and went for that. My economy now ranges from 12.5-13.5L (modified car but not towing anything) but was a bit higher in the beginning until I worked out how best to drive the car for economy.

                If you must have new, dont modify anything that may void warranty until you're out of warranty and can do the mods needed to the common diesel issues.

                There are still good buys out there. This is close to new and would still satsify most lease requirements.



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                  The DPF burn off smell. I smelled that strong smell twice in the last week alone, and a couple of times prior to that over a couple of months. I only realised on the last occasion I was following newer model Prados each time I thought when I smelled it. I thought at the time my car was sucking exhaust fumes up through the boot seals and circulating them around the cabin, but it was smellier than that. It didn’t smell like petrol engine exhaust gases. It was stinky that’s for sure.
                  2005 120 series V6 Grande, 2 inch susp lift (King/EFS combo), 32 inch MT’s, Safari Snorkel, rear diff lock, breathers, Light Force spotlights, UHF, dual batteries.


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                    Originally posted by AUTO.. View Post
                    Convince me ill be fine with the D4D...
                    I’ll actually do the opposite and recommend you keep looking for a petrol.

                    i looked for 6 mths before I found my low km petrol. Love it. Smooth, powerful, quiet. None of the injector or dpf hassles that the noisy, smelly diesels suffer from.
                    i only do low annual km so petrol usage wasn’t a big concern, even though I tow 2.4 tonne often, but still manage to get in the 11s (l/100km) on the highway when not doing 120 on the cruise control..


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                      I thought the link I posted was perfect so maybe he's already done


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                        Or you could buy an FJ Cruiser - much better chance of getting a petrol V6 that way.....

                        FJ Cruisers in the USA are holding their resale values and the very best examples are actually starting to appreciate in value, albeit very slowly.
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                          Pity they are the one of the ugliest 4wd’s ever made.... (notwithstanding ssangyongs efforts..)


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                            I have had my 2003 120 series V6 Grande since January 2010. Taken it from around 81,000 km to about 195,000 currently. Majority of use is work/school/shopping etc with a few holidays each year when it gets a full work out towing a 1.5 tonne caravan plus bikes, fire wood, eskies, kitchen sink, etc, etc. Liked it so much we bought a 2011 FJ Cruiser in 2015 as a second car, we got the really ugly blue one. Current asking prices (granted not final actual selling price) on carsales are more than what I paid for it retail from a Toyota dealership – not sure too many other newish cars offer that.

                            I service both cars with Toyota every 10,000 km and do an oil change with no filter change myself at the 5,000 km mark in between.

                            Fuel use? They both average about 11.9 to 12.5 on the highway with no trailer, hooking in at 110, both vehicles have roof racks and the aerodynamics of an oven. That's what they use, don't really care about consumption so don't need to lie. With caravan and full load the Prado averages 18 to 20 at around 90 to 100 km/h, add another 5 if I try to average 110. Never towed with the FJ.

                            Best cars I’ve ever owned, good grunt, trouble free, comfortable mobile loungerooms really. Never had to stuff around with unreliability, start them and they go, they ALWAYS go, even when loaded up, air con full bore, extreme, heat, hill climbing, etc. Biggest regret of ownership has been paying for roadside assistance the whole time – total waste of money


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                              Originally posted by davey View Post
                              Biggest regret of ownership has been paying for roadside assistance the whole time – total waste of money
                              Classic quote...