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Graphite GRJ150R

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    Swapped those parkers over, they are clearly better made and the colour match is closer.

    "Fixed" my UHF also, and by fixed I mean plugged it back in, but only after I had removed the entire centre console, glove box, and UHF.

    Turns out there's a plug on each side of the junction box in the centre console bin and the bottom plug and been bumped out by a fraction.

    At least now I know it's all mounted and run, where the fuse and wires are etc.


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      Received all the parts for the guard liner patch job, just need to find a couple hours to take a look at it.

      Will put up spme pics when I'm done.


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        Took longer than expected, easy 5-6hrs to do both sides. Would be faster if the peices went straight in and the list I used had enough clips so I could just snap all of them and replace.

        - Jack car up, wheels off, both guard liners out - needed to salvage some of the clips as I only had 10 for the guard liners and I needed double that really.
        - Both batteries out, one battery tray out, airbox out, charcoal cannister out.
        - Both skins needed modifcation, drivers especially, as I absolutelly could not get them in place without opening up some of the holes they have for the existing captive nuts on the guards. I was bending the piece so rather than risk crinkling it up, opened the holes to allow clearance.

        Ended up with a few extra nuts and bolts also.

        Also serviced the car, have opted for genuine Toyota oil (10w-30) as it's on par with any decent semi syn I looked at ($145 for 15L to cover my next 2 services). Cannot detect any discernible difference to the Shell Helix stuff the service records show was being used. The Toyota oil is rated for the petrol and deisel so my guess is the petrol guys end up with clean engines as the oil would need detergents in it for the diesel guys.

        Will need to buy a grease gun so I can do the yoke/uni joints etc.

        Anyway, nice to habe piece of mind that there should hopefully be no cracked guards here.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	72596286_10158933871799838_5842707650726330368_o.jpg Views:	0 Size:	32.9 KB ID:	748606Click image for larger version  Name:	73098656_10158933871594838_7674096626457116672_o.jpg Views:	0 Size:	30.5 KB ID:	748607