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    Swapped those parkers over, they are clearly better made and the colour match is closer.

    "Fixed" my UHF also, and by fixed I mean plugged it back in, but only after I had removed the entire centre console, glove box, and UHF.

    Turns out there's a plug on each side of the junction box in the centre console bin and the bottom plug and been bumped out by a fraction.

    At least now I know it's all mounted and run, where the fuse and wires are etc.


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      Headed out for some morning tea on the weekend to get a break from chores.

      Managed to find a good tree and give the winch a test just to spool it back in under some tension and learn how to deal with it.

      Interestingly the bow shackle that comes in the recovery bag is almost too big for the winch hook, it just barely fits.

      Also got to use my onboard compressor to air back up, decent bit of gear and for the time invested it's worth airing down/up given how much better it rides over rocks etc

      Car event got a quick hand wash inside and out.

      Have found a head unit I want, but like the exhaust/tune will sit on hold as my engine parts finally arrived at the builders and we just got a 5k bill for fencing -

      In better news, I now have an auto gate so no more having to get out in the rain/cold to open the gate. Might keep the floor mats cleaner too

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        Not much happening, one of my Stedi LED parkers died. Same side as the other one and I do wonder if there's a voltage issue there as the parker bulb holder is different on that side, with an extension piece on it Is anyone elses like that?

        Tested with multimeter, voltage is 12v and stable - Submitted warranty claim.

        Got out for some exploring on Fathers Day.

        Lake Kerferd, Bates Dam, Murmungee Lookout, and a little creek at the bottom of Rawes Track. So far the steepest descent/climb I've done, enough to make me nervous but the car seemed fine. All about learning the limits.

        Tackled that little mud hole again, much more chopped up this time, but still no issues.

        Looking to head to over Dederang way soo for a look around and wouldn't mind doing some Vic High Country. Spring will be busy with house projects though so we'll see how we go.


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          Got myself and ODB2 dongle and installed Torque Pro. Have so far managed to successfully connect and see data, happy days.

          Using the 2 manual PIDs below I've been able to get a readout for trans temp and converter temp, will test them to see what they do tomorrow, but data on the screen is a good sign.

          Copy pasted from FJ forums.

          The equation for Transmission Sensor 1 (Pan) is as follows
          PID 2182

          The equation for Transmission Sensor 2 Torque Convertor is as follows
          PID 2182


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            Seems to work fine, interesting how quickly the converter temp rises and falls, it will climb an easy 20deg on an incline when unlocked and it was only 2deg ambient this morning. Towing up those hills when the race car is done will be interesting. Pan temp quite slow to change.

            Exhaust/Tune and a better trans cooler I think will be needed for towing through the hills to and from my place. I'm assuming it already has a basic one, but I haven't looked.

            Click image for larger version

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              For just under $300 delivered I have just ordered the guard repair kit. Which is basically 2 reinforcing panels and some nuts and bolts/clips.

              5373160100 Patch Fr fender x1
              5373260060 Fr fender apron x1
              9017606042 Nut cap x34
              9018906065 Grommet x10
              91671A0612 Bolt flange x32

              Wanting to do it before it actually cracks an avoid needing to weld as well. Given how prevalent it is in earlier 150s like mine, plus I go offroad, plus I have the steel bar, winch, and dual battery, basically the perfect combination of elements to cause it.
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                It has only happen to diesels not the v6 mate so another win for the petrol ! That Iím aware of

                think itís the weight of the diesel plus all the accessories/ batteries etc


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                  You see more diesels cracked because there's a shed load more diesels on the road. FB showed it happening to petrol as well, but to a lesser degree (petrol has battery on the other side factory and the driver side is least prone to cracking, but given I have ALL the bits people say "might" cause it, I'm just not willing to wait and see for the sake of $300 and a couple hours time. I plan on keeping it for a while so I'd rather just do it and know it's good to go. Plus I have a pre face lift, which are even worse and the worst combo of the things people say increase the chances. Steel bar, winch, dual battery, ARB battery tray, compressor up front in the bay.

                  Did see diesels are 80kg heavier out of the box though. Given how much you can see the bar moving around when driving, I'm happy to have the extra insurance.
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