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    Swapped those parkers over, they are clearly better made and the colour match is closer.

    "Fixed" my UHF also, and by fixed I mean plugged it back in, but only after I had removed the entire centre console, glove box, and UHF.

    Turns out there's a plug on each side of the junction box in the centre console bin and the bottom plug and been bumped out by a fraction.

    At least now I know it's all mounted and run, where the fuse and wires are etc.


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      Received all the parts for the guard liner patch job, just need to find a couple hours to take a look at it.

      Will put up spme pics when I'm done.


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        Took longer than expected, easy 5-6hrs to do both sides. Would be faster if the peices went straight in and the list I used had enough clips so I could just snap all of them and replace.

        - Jack car up, wheels off, both guard liners out - needed to salvage some of the clips as I only had 10 for the guard liners and I needed double that really.
        - Both batteries out, one battery tray out, airbox out, charcoal cannister out.
        - Both skins needed modifcation, drivers especially, as I absolutelly could not get them in place without opening up some of the holes they have for the existing captive nuts on the guards. I was bending the piece so rather than risk crinkling it up, opened the holes to allow clearance.

        Ended up with a few extra nuts and bolts also.

        Also serviced the car, have opted for genuine Toyota oil (10w-30) as it's on par with any decent semi syn I looked at ($145 for 15L to cover my next 2 services). Cannot detect any discernible difference to the Shell Helix stuff the service records show was being used. The Toyota oil is rated for the petrol and deisel so my guess is the petrol guys end up with clean engines as the oil would need detergents in it for the diesel guys.

        Will need to buy a grease gun so I can do the yoke/uni joints etc.

        Anyway, nice to habe piece of mind that there should hopefully be no cracked guards here.

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          Prepping for summer with some new weathershields and awaiting delivery of the mesh window covers recommended on here (love the fact you can open and close the windows with them in place).

          Covers here -

          Shields are OCAM, will snap some pics when installed.

          Windows are tinted already, but were done in NSW so not as dark as I'd like, I normally go 1 shade darker than legal (18%).

          If need be, they might get redone.

          Click image for larger version  Name:	73081742_420117365573721_7522101410343682048_n.jpg Views:	0 Size:	8.0 KB ID:	748653Click image for larger version

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            Haven't fitted sheilds yet, was busy servicing the bike, but did receive and fit the window shades, the fit in quite nicely. Will see how they fair at speed with the window down a bit, I'm told that there's been no issues with them at 100km/h, we'll see.

            I'm told the front window ones fit nicely on the back windows also if having them up front becomes an issue.

            They have magnets in them and just "sit" there nicely, but the kit comes with double sided tap and slide in tabs for them also if needed.

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              Got the weather shields on, decent quality plastics and good 3m tape on the back. Used the missus hairdryer to warm them up as per instructions.

              The fronts do not perfectly match the door line, as in if you want it to sit flush at the back, so it lines up with the back door shield, and sit nicely on the mirror mount, it will sit ever so slightly below the door line as it follows the curve. Not a big deal, but something I noticed.

              As for the window shades, with the windows down the there's some new decent wind noise in the upper corner (driver side) which goes away when the shade is removed. They hold on at 100km/h no worries other than the noise. I'm told the front's will fit nicely in the back window with some overlap. I may put them there for the most part but put them in the front on long trips.

              Visually it kinda looks like it needs a 3rd weather shield on the rear cargo window.

              Click image for larger version

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                Not much happening but a few small things.

                - Ocam weather shields leak a little, where they step up onto the rear mirror mount. They're going to send me some foam inserts and new tape, see what happens. Apparently this is a common isue according to FB groups but Ocam had never heard of it and were very thankful for me raising it.
                - Another LED has died, in the rear number plate surround which is bad timing as the car is due for a road worthy tomorrow. Swapped in a spare parker and told the eBay seller, he will send me a few extra spares. Obviously these are hit and miss quality wise but you get that at this price.
                - Forgot about NSW rego expiring, which happened yesterday, woops. Car is booked for a Roadworthy at my local Toyota (which I'm a bit scared of them being too harsh and I've seen some bullshit calls in my time for stuff that is absolutely not a roadworthy issue when using a dealer, they assure me my mods etc will be fine...) $220 just for a RWC seems steep.
                - Rego appointment booked for end of the week (to allow a few days to fix any RWC items that may arise).
                - Car is being hooked up at Toyota to see if there's any ECU/TCM updates as it was always serviced at a private mechanic previously.
                - Have noticed no difference since switching to Toyota Oil.

                Wish me luck with my RWC...


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                  RWC complete.

                  Toyota says no ECU/TCM updates needed, no faults recorded on ECU. Good news.

                  Interestingly they told me my injectors are fine too (not a check I asked for as I was not aware of Petrol having an issue).

                  They tell me bank 2 (passenger side) can lean out and it will throw an O2 fault code if it's happening, so just something to know for the future.

                  Rego booked for Friday, do I bother with slimline black plates or nah =\

                  eBay seller sending me 3 new LEDs. Might just buy some Stedi's for the rear license plate given it's a legal issue if they fail/flicker. See how long the replacements last.


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                    Click image for larger version

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                    Early Christmas presents.

                    The generator is mostly for home, hence being so big, as I live on SWER power where storms/fires can take power out for 8hrs at a time. If it goes camping then fine, but wasn't bought for that.

                    The CF50 was a deal at Anaconda, came with bag for $599.

                    Decided on Coleman Darkroom 10p tent, this one has the led lighting strips and switches in each room. Got that for $749.

                    Generator came with a free picnic table and cover. Grabbed some new shoes for the missus and I while I was there, as well, but starting to question if Salomon quality is dropping off. Used to get more wear out of them, oh and hot tip is dont buy any models that have those kevlar speed laces, they are crap.

                    Not sure the tent will fit in the back of the Prado yet lol, once the other boxes are out I'll try it sideways, will be annoying if it doesn as it will have to go on the roof and it's got some heft to it.


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                      Nice mate tried any of them out yet ? Wish I had some spare cash
                      so much I want hehe


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                        Have booked some camping over xmas to give it a whirl. Did fire up the fridge, all good there. Will buy a solar blanket as the second battery that came in th car is only a 55ah.

                        OCAM sent me a complete new set of strips also with the added foam piece to block water ingress at that mirror bump, will fit those when time permits.

                        Still hanging to get the car tuned. Can't beleive people think the petrol is the performance version lol, both diesel and petrol are slow as a wet week


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                          Originally posted by 'Dan' View Post
                          Airbox mod finished, forgot a pic but it looks almost identical to the one I used as a guide.

                          Important to give it a good clean after, I had fine bits of plastic everywhere and as they start out warm they like to stick a little.

                          See how it drives later.
                          Is it worth doing this iar box mod? I wouldnt mind a louder intake sound


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                            Originally posted by Xerotao View Post

                            Is it worth doing this iar box mod? I wouldnt mind a louder intake sound
                            Not sure I'd bother doing it again, there's an increase in intake sound in the upper revs when under decent load, nothing much to notice down low. I have a snorkel which dampens the sound though.


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                              Maybe ill save my money instead of buying a dremel to do this mod.


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                                Originally posted by Xerotao View Post
                                Maybe ill save my money instead of buying a dremel to do this mod.
                                No dremel needed here.