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    I've had confirmation from 4wd supacentre that it can be rotated, I thought it could be given the housing design and 180 degrees got me out of trouble.

    I just need to mount the control box and wire it in now. I'm thinking about if there's enough length to mount it in the engine bay or in the bar instead of on the top of the bar as the bracket design means I would either need to mount it sideways, ugly, or drill 2 new holes in the bar and it would still be ugly...

    I'll also need to pop a couple extra holes in the number plate to shift it up a touch to give the winch rope enough clearance.


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      Winch installed and tested working. I still need to re-spool it under tension, some pics of install below.

      A few extras I added.

      - Flip up number plate from TJM, noticed after I bought it that it's "similar" to the others online but lacks the pin they mention to keep it up, I can drill a hole and add a pin if needed so not a huge issue.
      - 13mm conduit, which is suitable for all the wires except the tiny black earthing wire, which I had some 10mm for, but smaller again would be "better".
      - Thin rubber mat under control box plate to reduce damage to paint, wouldn't bother with unpainted. You can just see it in one pic where it shifted forward as I tightened the box and I couldn't be bothered moving it back. I did end up opting to drill 2 holes to mount it in this orientation. Washers and locknuts used also.
      - Rubber grommets for the holes where the conduit+wires run through, again to protect paint and these came with the car/bar.

      Still tossing up tune vs exhaust.

      Also got myself a big black heavy duty tub for the back that's big enough to hold the tool bag, recovery bag, and the chainsaw with room to spare. This is my answer to drawers for now as we wait and see if we ever use the 3rd row seats, my guess will be no. If I do make the call to remove I'd like to put a floor in and some slimline drawers that use that same amount of space.

      Pics to enjoy.


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        Nice mate did you have to remove the bar to install it ?


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          Nah, heaps of space to push it up in with the bottom plate off and it rests nicely on the bracing to let you get a bolt in. 2 of the semi capitve nuts did fall out as you have to lift it up on an angle but not hard to pop back in as you can rest it.

          Spare set of hands would save you a couple mins max, easily a one man job.

          I spent more time getting the lock nuts onto the back of the bolts for the control box. Nutserts would be better therre, and I had some spare but not the tool. Easy enough to remove and fit them later if I ever have issues with the lock nuts.

          Just thinking... are we like the only guys still here in the build section or what lol


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            I think we are aha! Thereís a few people with new models but they donít update there build


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              I miss forums, so much better than FB for actual discussion.


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                I donít have any social media but the missus says the pages on Facebook are really good now and more active for buy and sell and cars etc


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                  FB is excellent for buying/selling but it's terrible for discussion.

                  You can put up a post and talk about 1 thing, but if you put say 3 questions in a post, you'll be lucky to get answers to all.

                  Finding previous Q & A is painful and forget having something like a build thread, it's just not built that way.

                  For actual discussion, I much prefer forums.


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                    Got out to Mt Big Ben on the weekend for some snow play as we've had snow all the way down to 400m or something., only 30mins from home which is nice.

                    Driving on snow/mud slush was different, speed is important as the car can get away from you easily as I found out on the decent when it wanted to understeer into a culvert as I went wide to allow another car past at maybe 20-30km/h.

                    Made a mental note for next time to soften shocks before I leave as it's so much nicer on those types of roads with them dialled down. Got to use the Kwik Delfator for the first time, works fine after I worked out what to do with it (misplaced instructions). Only dropped 10psi out but made the return trip nicer.

                    Throttle controller proved useful again, being able to change settings to suit conditions was good.

                    Noticed one of my LED parkers was flickering, not sure if it's from the cold or just faulty. eBay seller is sending me anotner one, but I ordered the Stedi ones also as I wanted a colour match anyway and I don't want to have another fail - I'll just keep those as spares.

                    The mud on the trail was very deceiving, it took an hour with the pressure washer to get it off the car, the underside was caked!

                    Foudn the UHF was not working, assume it's blown the fuse as I accidentally touched the contact on the second battery when I last removed it and tripped the breaker. Confirming with the seller where the main fuse is located, have a feeling he said it's under the centre console.

                    For anyone else, I found this guide on removing the centre console which I'll attempt once he confirms.


                    Couple of pics here

                    Exhaust/Tune on hold as I have just sent my track car engine off to be assembled which will be $$$$$.

                    Last edited by 'Dan'; 12-08-2019, 04:00 PM.


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                      Stedi Parkers arrived, overnight delivery is impressive on a non express parcel.

                      Might pop those in at lunch.


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                        Center console very easy to remove, start from removing the ac facia and then the side trips and work your way day meant to be same for all 150 models


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                          Yep, will take a look on the weekend if I get time.


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                            Great build thread, I thought I was close to done spending on my prado but your thread is giving me more ideas


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                              Originally posted by malloc View Post
                              Great build thread, I thought I was close to done spending on my prado but your thread is giving me more ideas
                              Cheers mate, so what are you thinking for yours now?


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                                Originally posted by 'Dan' View Post

                                Cheers mate, so what are you thinking for yours now?
                                LED interior lights, maybe LED headlight swap as well.