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Storage platform to replace middle seats

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  • Storage platform to replace middle seats

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Drawing2.jpg Views:	0 Size:	11.6 KB ID:	751755Click image for larger version  Name:	Platform 1.jpg Views:	0 Size:	11.5 KB ID:	751756Click image for larger version  Name:	Platform 3.jpg Views:	0 Size:	10.5 KB ID:	751757

    For those people interested, I have just finished fabricating and installing a reconfigurable platform setup to replace the middle row seats on a Prado 150.
    I'll need this for long trips like the CSR.

    The system has two platforms, one to replace each individual seat or both.
    The platforms use the existing seat mounting points using various custom brackets and a HDPE spacer.
    Each platform is made of marine ply, marine carpet, and have built-in aluminium alloy tracks to tie down cargo.

    Pic 1 has the large platform plus the left hand seat; Pic 2 has both platforms mounted; Pic 3 shows the various brackets, spacer, bolts etc.

    There is a lot of spare volume available when you remove the seats.
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    That is good space once you take those seats out. The platform is a good idea. I have simply used the flat bit there and managed a 40 l Engel, 6 jerries of fuel and 2 of water. All are ratchet strapped down to brackets on various seat belt and seat bolts. On the CSR I also had a battery box there in my 120! This is no longer needed in my 150 as I have the second battery under bonnet. The advantage of the fuel and water here is the heavy weight [about160kg] is low and centre. Also the top of the jerries is nice and flat for chairs, tables, soft bags etc with a net over it all. Perhaps a few eye bolts or similar through the flat panel and into the seat belt mounting points to ensure that the heavy stuff does not rip out of those tie downs [ and the CSR or Simpson will have that effect]...... Looking at your photos again the last point will be easy because the bottom outer bolts are accessible as are the seat bolts at the front. Engineer for worse case movement of everything in the cargo area on the CSR and you wont be disappointed.


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      Ty 404pug,

      My 50Ltr poly water tank that normally sits between the drawer system and the middle seats will sit on the back of the platforms.
      An additional 20ltr water Jerry can slot between the far platform and front seat if needed - mostly for dessert treks.
      I have a mezzanine stretch net under the ceiling for light gear such as pillows & towels etc.
      My recovery kit sits under the platforms and the passenger seat.
      I've a twin Jerry can holder which I will bolt onto the nearest platform - and maybe a second one on the far platform if I need to carry 230Ltr of fuel.

      I save 40+Kg by removing the seats.

      When the COVID restrictions go away we will do a desert run, maybe the Googs Track, to test for movement and solidity.
      The 20mm marine ply is solid and the alloy rails are each bolted down with 3 bolts into T nuts glued to the underside of the boards.
      I was going to cross brace the front 2 brackets but I got lazy. The steel brackets also have Rivnuts so there are no nuts to fall out anywhere.


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        The jerrycan holders will do the trick. I have never stretched to such exotica. Google will be a good test for it all.


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          Very impressive. What's mounted on the cargo barrier behind the LHS seat?


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            1000W inverter, a Bunnings power board including USB outlets, a variety of 12V outlets, a fuse-box, all fixed on a cable tray.

            The cable tray sits off the cargo barrier via strips of 20mm thick rubber spacers.
            The rubber spacers have precision located and glued rubber strips the size of the gaps in the barrier wire to stop the tray from slipping down.
            4 x M8 bolts, big washers, wingnuts and 3mm rubber spacers behind the washers fix it to the barrier.

            I might post some close in pics.
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              Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	0 Size:	21.8 KB ID:	752049Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	0 Size:	23.0 KB ID:	752050Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	0 Size:	23.7 KB ID:	752051

              Photos of the Power Module mounted on the cargo barrier.
              Its hard to see as just about every part is black, and the tray is painted a dark grey with pinchweld around the edges.
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