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Alternator not charging battery on long drives

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    Order yourself an Ultragauge and have it shipped up to meet you.

    This will tell you trans temps, TQ temps, Alternator %, Voltage and a myriad of other things, including error codes.

    Monitor it in real time.

    I suspect as others do, that your power is de-rating due to high temps from towing. Alternator is likely OK, but battery perhaps has suffered form the issues.


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      Thanks all. Appreciate your assistance.


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          You shouldn't be getting the filter light come on, I would be investigating that further as you may have a fuel isue starving the motor, no fuel no power.

          As for towing, we tow a Vista which is around 1750kg fully loaded, we have towed over 100000kms with and without a transmission cooler installed, around 50000km without and the rest with and have never had the transmission overheat and that includes towing the Vista over sand dunes etc. The only reason I installed the cooler was to be sure to be sure. I did find the transmission fluid was slightly discoloured when I installed the cooler but considering the towing I had done was pretty good. Personally I have always towed in drive, hand book doesn't indicate "D" shouldn't be used and I have never had and issue using "D". Obviusly when towing in sand, water or steep climbs you need to select the appropriate high/low range and gear, for normal tarmac driving I just use D.
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