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  • Accessories / Ignition wire feeds

    Hi guys
    i know this may have been posted before but I need it explained in simple terms.

    ive purchased a volt meter so I can monitor both aux and main battery.

    the meter has 2 positive and 2 negative cables coming out with pencil fuses in the positive wires.

    no I understand that the positives go to each battery and the negatives can either be spliced together and wired to the same earth.....or so they need to go to the negative terminals on each battery??

    also, how the hell do you find the ignition wire or accessories wire so it comes on with the key? Once found what’s the set up on how you wire it?

    do you splice each positive to different spots on the ignition wire or do you need to find 2 seperate ignition wires, or can you some how link the 2 positive wires together to get the one feed?
    im so freakin confused

    any help will Assist
    thanks guys

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    You will get the most accurate reading if you wire the negatives to their respective battery terminals
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      Wire each -ve as LeighW describes.
      If you want both volt meters to only come on when the accessories are powered-on, then buy a double pole single throw (DPST) relay.
      Have the relay energised by an accessory circuit and the DPST switch to each battery +ve and their respective voltmeter.

      Hope that makes sense.