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Second Row Passenger Side Shelf

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  • Second Row Passenger Side Shelf

    Hey everybody,

    I'm currently in the design process of a passenger side shelf to replace the seat which has been removed... Want to put a shelf in to give a nice flat surface to put an eski in and a fridge in future. I know there are some posts already on here but they seem to be from quite a while ago and some of the photos aren't available to see anymore. I find looking at the photos that everybody else has posted helps with the designing process and getting some good ideas on how to mount the shelf. Would like to use the Bunnings aluminium connect it tubes as a frame which is pretty simple but attaching it securely is the challenge. Will also use a carpeted bit of mdf as the shelf itself. I've used the connect it tubes to build a shelf for rear storage and they worked great. Any ideas or plans on how to basically mount a solid sturdy shelf where the smaller passenger side 2nd row seat mounts would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks all!

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    Hi MrMiller,

    I have used those aluminium square tubes and the plastic connector shelving in my office. They are flimsy tho.
    The aluminium is very soft and the plastic is brittle. On corrugated roads, any moderate weight will destroy the shelf.

    I built this for my 150 earlier in the year:

    Mounting the platforms requires custom steel brackets that fit over the boltholes used to hold the OEM seats down.
    The holes are at various angles. I used 3mm by 25mm steel flat bar. A spirit level, some precise measuring, drilling and bending.
    At the back I used a 20mm thick slab of HDPE as a spacer instead of a bracket as the gap between the floor and the platform was just 20mm.


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      Heres a photo from previous post of the frame I made up. Bolts to front seat bolts and then is fixed to the false floor in rear. ply is bolted to the frame then another frame was made to sit fridge on. Frame is high enough so cartons can be slid under. frame is bottom of first page.


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        More recent photos. Prado is tucked away in garage but if you need measurements of details let me know. It works really well with fridge sitting high,35l waeco, as don't loose any storage.


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