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Torque Converter Temps on tracks

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    just had a thought - what if we switch in a resistor across the ATF temp sensor ( which would have to isolate the sensor at the same time ) to fool the ECU into thinking that the temp is 125deg ? instant , cheap lock up kit? lol
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      Not sure what a resistor in parallel with the sensor would do.
      Assuming the sensor produces a voltage output, a high ohm resistor wouldn't do anything, and a low ohm resistor might overload the sensor.


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        ive modified my post above to make it clearer . it would depend on the type of sensor of course. Temp sensors are usually just a 2 wire thermistor , so if you wanted the ECU to react or do something at a certain reading then you could substitute a resistor for the sensor.


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          No worries.

          You would have to swat up on the specs of the thermistor in order to size up an appropriate resistor to put in series I'm thinking. The ECU would be applying a constant voltage and reading back the varying current. Maybe have the sum total present a 20degree C higher reading than the actual sensor's read. So that 105 become 125 and outlockup ensues.

          I'm toying with the concept of a heat exchanger tho. I've read some data on an available manual lockup kit. It is actually set up to lock and unlock at a couple of adjustable speed ranges.

          My scenario is not towing, but traveling in 4H over easy but undulating & windy gravel roads.
          I only recently added a second Scangauge to see more readings simultaneously and was surprised to see the Torque Converter temp go thu the roof on what was basically an easy road. At 120C, and over, the seals cant be happy.

          A couple of us are gearing up for a remote trek in the Kimberley mid next year and I want to get this sorted before then


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            Transmission cooler is now installed along with peace of mind. No opportunity yet to see how it performs under tough conditions but will no doubt see the benefits when towing over the up coming holidays. Big Grin.


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              Thanks Aquanaught,
              let me know how it performs. I'm tempted to have one installed also.
              I'm gearing up for a big long trek mid next year on a remote track in the tropics and need to get all upgrades sorted out by end of Q1 2019.