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  • Dust passing 1GD Filter


    As suspected these airboxs / OEM air filters on the new 2.8 allow dust into the clean side of the intake has any one found a filter that seals better than the OEM one ?

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    I found the same thing after a trip to the cape , I dont think its the filter i suspect the housing flexes a bit too much. Ive added some vaseline around the filter edges which has seemed to help. I also removed the MAFsensor and cleaned it with MAF cleaner while there.


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      Similar issues on the 200 cruiser. A strip of foam rubber or some grease fixes it.


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        If itís an issue Iíd imagine all are effected ?
        Why donít they just add more squash rubber or foam to the OEM filters ?

        Toyota at there best !

        Rattles, dust leaks, clunks, smoke clouds
        and there No.1 selling SUV well I think if they keep this up they wont be for much longer

        Any known manufactures doing aftermarket Boxs ? Plenty for the 200s and 79s


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          2008 GXL D4D + Option Pack 1, Safari snorkel, factory alloy bar, dual battery system, Lovells TFR-118/TRR119 Springs, Bilstein Shocks, Prodigy P3 brake controller, factory tow bar, Orac coupling.


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            Thanks mate,

            I saw that but noticed it was a 120 airbox thought maybe by now someone might just make a filter that does the job