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Stats: DPF 0 - 180,000Kms plus Fuel Economy, 2018 GXL

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  • Stats: DPF 0 - 180,000Kms plus Fuel Economy, 2018 GXL

    2018 GXL Prado:
    ECU firmware updated early 2019. Both Custom Modes enabled. New DPF installed at 80,000 service (didn't need it, but got it anyway plus 10 year unconditional warranty). Kerb Mass = 2,740Kg+, GVM Upgrade 3,500Kg.

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    a. trips < 5-8Km won't produce the conditions for DPF to start a burn in winter. This is how long it takes to warm the engine to start/resume a regen.
    b. 2019 ECU update significantly reduced the Kms between regens at highway speeds, and significantly reduced the time to complete a regen.
    c. DPF burn quits at 8%, the residual energy carries the burn to 6%, and at times 4%, 2% or 0%.

    DPF Manual button has Custom Mode enabled, used 11 times so far.
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    Great info. DPF activities very similar to my 2016 except for custom mode 2. Despite 4 attempts they could never get it to work but at least custom mode 1(the light) works fine. My scangauge figures for dpf align with yours.. My lifetime fuel consumption is a about 11.5 but includes more desert than you as well as maybe 10000+ towing a 1 ton camper..Interestingly at 87000 km fuel consumption is improving. My outer southern edge of Sydney has improved from about 11.5 to 10.5 for the same sort of running.


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      Ty 404pug.
      Given that I don't tow, my primary drivers of fuel consumption are:

      1. Tyres - my Toyo RT 265/70R17 guzzle a minimum of 1.5ltr/100 more than Dunlop AT 20 265/65R17, tyre pressures matter also.
      2. Speed - aerodynamic drag grows with the square of air speed (not ground speed). Headwinds increase airspeed. Add another 1-2ltr/100.
      3. Terrain - hills vs flat.
      4. Surface texture - bitumax vs rough highway bitumen vs gravel roads vs soft sand.
      5. Frontal cross-section - gear on the roof rack increases drag.

      Weight hardly matters!

      Up to the Kimberley shortly and the Oombi & CSR tracks.
      Will have data for 0-200,000Km later this year.
      Thats about the nominal design life of the vehicle; and where the OEM's book maintenance ends.


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        CSR is a great trip. Yep. All the outside crap like roof basket, 2nd spare, maxtracks, bull bar, snorkell, all terrain tyres( Cooper AT3 LT 265/65 x17), and sitting on 100-110 getting somewhere, often 4th gear to keep transmission temps down really chews up the juice as do east coast hills.


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