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Cold start problem with a 1KZ-TE

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  • Cold start problem with a 1KZ-TE

    Hi guys,

    I have a 2001 Prado Diesel 1KZ-TE. 95% of the year it will start fine but on the coldest days it has a very hard time starting. Once it has started it will be fine all day and there are no other issues with it when running. Things that have been done to it already are new glow plugs and new injectors. Tested that the glow plug relay is engaging and that it responding to the coolant temperature. It will eventually start but can range from difficult to impossible depending on the temperature. < 0 it becomes impossible.

    Next step that the mechanic is thinking of is potentially the fuel pump, but that is a obviously a very expensive job. Any advice around other simple things that might be wrong and contribute to cold start issues before a fuel pump is replaced would be appreciated. It has done 300k. Finally, do people think that a reco fuel pump will help? Are there fuel heaters that you can get that might avoid a costly fuel pump replacement?

    Thanks very much.

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    Is it spinning over at a good rate when cranking, or is it struggling?
    Cold batteries donít put out full voltage so if you only have the one stock battery and the temp is very low it may not be turning over fast enough.
    I went to twin start batteries and the difference was incredible.
    No idea why the imports have two and the Au delivered car went for one.
    The mount is all there ready to go.
    6-pot Cruisers have two batteries and a 6 is a lot easier to crank than a 4.