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Buying a 2014 Prado GXL with 210k km

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  • Buying a 2014 Prado GXL with 210k km


    I'm interested in buying a 14 Prado with 210k on the clock. Reasonable enough service history but has never had injectors replaced or serviced by the looks of it. Test drove it and seemed smooth but looking for some advice from the experts and an opinion on whether this should put me off!?

    I have been reading a lot about needing to replace injectors around 100k - 150k but noticed a lot of people don't. Is it a must or just something to watch out for if you get really unlucky?

    Anything else I should be looking out for?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

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    Hi Mate, I also have a 2014 GXL with 108k of the clock. I asked my mechanic same thing as I approach the 150k mark and to be honest i've been through a few mechanics to find this guy. I would have to say I trust him implicitly based on track record with this car and others we've previously owned or currently own. His comment was that obviously Timing belt at 150k as preventative measure and with regards to the injectors he said this is a component that whilst we need to watch and observe it is not a replacement at a certain km scenario. I have scoured the internet and found as many "You must" as I have "It is not true" comments and so I have to place my faith in the advice of someone who knows these vehicles well and who has his own business and reputation to uphold.

    That aside I've found some great Diesel service centres through this sites forums Baileys etc that I have contact about the replacement. I cannot remember the numbers off the top of my head but it was under $2k and a quick / relatively quick service. Far less than what I was quoted from Dealer.

    My 2 cents, please take this for what it is worth - Maybe utilise the situation to negotiate on the purchase if the car is otherwise in good shape. Be prepared to spend the $1.5-$2k and explain that to the seller. See if you can meet halfway or come to agreement perhaps.
    Definitely get a pre inspection though... my neighbour didn't on his 20xx prado and it was the worst decision he made as turns out the things been mistreated and hes up for thousands in steering and wearable items.

    These cars do need to be serviced regularly so check the logbook for the 10k services and wear and tear items - I had to replace brakes immediately upon purchase and also a small gasket between exhaust but the main cost has been regular servicing and fluid changes etc etc. I look after this car with the hope it will do the same for me ; )

    Hope that helps somewhat. Where you located?


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      different car but my work car i bought with 290k bt50 now has 325k no issues. Our 2010 prado has 210k got it when it had 120/130k no new injectors and no issues yet


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        Cap71n can you PM the details of the mechanic? Could do with a few opinions from someone recommended. Cheers


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          Agree with what others have said. Check Injector readings and just keep an eye on them. When they go out of spec then replace them, no need to beforehand. 2nd fuel filter will help make them last longer though.


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