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    We bought a new white GXL with spare on the rear early December. Not a lot of scope to haggle (only one in stock for a long spell - unless we wanted black and/or the spare tyre underneath)
    paid a hair over 71k drive away. We got a good deal on the trade in (took 10k off - reducing the sting a bit)

    We're in QLD - Purchased in Brisbane (Moorooka)

    The second hand market for late model Prado's has basically gone insane, which is why we went new....... plus the refresh in October gave Carplay and some other "nice to have's" :-)

    So far have not regretted it.


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      Purchased through a broker. This included $950 delivery fee (140k). Probably could have done better than that somehow?
      Problem is dealer was in red Covid zone and not everyone would be keen to pick it up.


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        In mid-Dec 2020 in Melbourne, I ordered 1 x 2021 GXL in a flatback config, plus pearl paint + Aero roof rack + Towbar+ Premium interior = $67,211 (inc GST). Inc ORC, the total price came to $70,931. Im happy with the price, however, the only snag is the delay in delivery. Initially delivery was "late December", now is in the "March 2021 production run". I am getting a few extra K's on the trade-in (a 2015 Land Rover DS), but would much rather just get on with the new car. hope that helps.


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          We bought our current model Prado GXL in Nov 2020. Total price with all on road costs was $67500. That included upgraded leather interior, pearl paint. Two sets of Toyota mats, carpet and heavy duty rubber.


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