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Hostile1's 2018 Graphite GXL

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  • Just checked out your install photos as I am installing the Western Filters Catch Can and have a few issues. The first is that the filter wants to sit on the air intake hose even though I've mounted it as high as possible. The second is the kit I have has a 90 degree elbow as part of the return hose set up. Noting that your install does not have this?


    • Hi Gidrocks
      Im not sure how much I can help here mate. I ordered mine and fit it as it came and did not have any issues. Maybe snap a few photos and ask the brains trust on here. Hope that is of some help.


      • I fitted my catch can without any problems either. Later, I got Toyota to do the 80,000km (major) service and they made no comment on the catch can.

        I usually get my local (registered) mechanic to do my servicing but he suggested that I get it this one done at Toyota, since it was a major one and still in the warranty period. In true Toyota fashion, they did not do the job properly (air cleaner lid not fitted correctly). I have little faith in the local Toyota dealer's service department - that's why I use a local mechanic, who I can actually talk to.


        • Latest edition:
          Changed rims, bought Black Rhino wheels with a positive offset of 1 and they fit great. Came in black and I had them custom painted in Japanese Bronze. They turned out great.

          Also Installed Kaon Bash Plates:

          And a keen eye can spot the install of multiple Stedi lights on the rhino backbone:


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