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    Lights in, bit of a fiddly job, especially with dual batteries. The copper ribbons take up heaps of space and make it hard to twist the high beams in.

    Bulk of my time was spent on the passenger side high beam. Few cuts and scrapes and I don't exactly have huge hands so some of you will struggle, suggest removing batteries, I got away with removing clamps and sliding around for clearance.

    Only got a quick chance to test last night in the driveway, will need to drive to really assess.

    Came out this morning to cable tie the LED drivers and loose wiring,y get 4 cable ties per set of bulbs. Opted not to use the double sided pads.

    Pics coming when back on PC as PP limits to 2MB and I CBF resizing on mobile.


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      Here we go.

      Clsoe up of the HB3 to help you see how the tabs orientate on the passenger side, and which way to turn.

      Driver side is quite cramped (optima battery side),

      Pics seem to show the lights as a little green but they're quite a crisp white, will be good to get the parker and bar lights done too),


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        A couple more from this morning before I headed off and another when I arrived at work to discuss with Stedi as I'm not loving the beam pattern.

        Road sign/marker illumination is very good. Light "flooding" maybe not as good?

        Pics are lowbeam, high beam, then pattern test.


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          I also got out over the weekend to do a little more exploring and learning.

          Again, was susprised I was able to go where I went with nothing but low range in some spots, didn't touch tyre pressures as I am trying to find the limits of the setup before making changes. Fair to say I am constantly having my boundaries reset but given I have no 4wd experience that's not surprising.

          Opted to straddle the ruts before the little mud hole as I wasn't sure the diff would clear, thjink it would've made it? I did tag the bottom bolt on the tow ball on the way out, must remember to remove the hitch next time. There was about 50mins work at home with the pressure washer to get most of the mud off and clean the floor mats that's pretty good in my books. Pack up/clean from a race day takes longer. Must remember to bring my saw next time too as a downed tree stopped us at one point and meant we had to do a 10 point turn to go back.

          We also visited Fletchers Dam as part of the exploring, had a great pub lunch, and found some more old mine equipment and a privately operated mine tour which we'll go back for at some point - Karr's Reef Gold Mine it's called.

          Great to be able to take the family, race cars are kind of a solo hobby for the most part, but exploring opens up a new way for us to spend time together. Props to the missus for her patience and encouragment as she has a stack of 4wd experience and a much better idea of what the car can do than I do lol

          Bonus wide angle artisitic landscape pic attached.

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            Yeah Iíve taken the prado out many times just stock straight out of the show room and Iíve been so surprised even the people I go with are too they are awesome car standard but with a lift and Tyres would go where solid axle cars would too if driven right


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              Originally posted by Gurilla View Post
              Yeah Iíve taken the prado out many times just stock straight out of the show room and Iíve been so surprised even the people I go with are too they are awesome car standard but with a lift and Tyres would go where solid axle cars would too if driven right
              "If driven right" lol, I'm working on that part


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                Aha all good mate ! Iíve come from a discovery, 80 series and 105 series so itís hard for me to know the limits in this car too.. and saying that itís a brand new car so I shit my self I donít want to scratch it or do any damage


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                  Originally posted by Gurilla View Post
                  Aha all good mate ! Iíve come from a discovery, 80 series and 105 series so itís hard for me to know the limits in this car too.. and saying that itís a brand new car so I shit my self I donít want to scratch it or do any damage
                  Completely understand, mine isn't even new and I'm still mindful of damage as it's my daily - No prizes for smashing up your stuff.

                  My track car gets a much harder time.


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                    Rotated the passenger side bulb as I had a feeling that was the culprit and got a nicer pattern and cut off more closely macthing Stedi's guide.

                    I still feel there's some more progress to be made by some minor adjustments to fine tune overlap between the two sides.

                    Road sign and marker illumination is much better, but I still feel the actualy distance of flooded light is not much different. High beams are good though.

                    I have taken a close up that shows how the LED throws a clear 2 line pattern onto the headlight cover that shows you which way it's orientated in the socket.


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                      Received a full recovery kit for my birthdaym very happy

                      Kit includes;
                      • 1 x Snatch Block
                      • 1 x Snatch Strap
                      • 1 x Tree Trunk Protector,
                      • 1 x Extension Strap
                      • 2 x Bow Shackles
                      • 1 x Winch Dampener
                      • 1x Folding Shovel
                      • 1x Kwiky Tyre Deflator
                      • 1x Heavy Duty Gloves
                      • 1x Recovery Bag

                      Going ot grab myself a basic Domin8r Xtreme winch so I can feel more confident pushing further and going solo.

                      Just working out if I need the offset fairlead.

                      Click image for larger version

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                        Ordered the Winch, went the Xtreme, grabbed an Offset fairlead just in case. Got the combo deal with the bushmens mechanic tool kit so I can leave my good tools at home and have a spare kit for the race car. Also grabbed a throttle controller because I just really want to to try it.

                        Bonused some 12v portable battery box thing which I will sell.

                        Think I will order my exhaust soon too, life is short


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                          These turned up, will have a play when I get a chance.


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                            Snuck out and popped a few LEDs in last night. Got the parkers, map lights, centre and rear domes and license plate lights in.

                            Had a look at the work needed to get indicators in, seems like you have to remove radiator air guide and guard trims to remove head light screws then pop it forward to get your hand on the bulb, that will be for the weekend.

                            Parkers are very easy, just remove the clip and rotate the bulb holder out. They are a little blue compared to the headlights, which was my worry, probably not enough to be a problem as the headlights drown it out and if it's parkers only you don't have the headlight to compare to.

                            Rear license plate was a bit fiddly, remove the two screws per light assembly then carefully split the assembly, wiggle the bulb forward then I used a precision screw driver (really small) to lever the bulb out. Putting the light assembly back in was a little annoying, as it's done blind, the little screw holes are closer to the outer edge than you realise.

                            Map lights, just use an interior trim remover/tiny flat blade to pry the lens off its hinges.

                            Middle and rear dome lights have 1x clip and 1x locating pin/tab each side. Then use a small screw driver to gently pry the light assembly out. When re-assembling pay close attention to the sliding tab that controls lights on/door mode as it needs to line back up with the outer assembly switch and can slip out easily.

                            Door lights I looked at briefly but wasn't sure where the locking tabs were and they are a pretty flush fit so will read up before prying.

                            Rear lights will also come out over the weekend for reverse and indicator LEDs, good to see they include the additional looms to stop errors/hyper flashing on cars that have that issue, I don't think the Prado does, but we'll find out. If it does I will only use the looms temporarily as they effectively bring voltage/draw back up to stock levels which removes one benefit of LED, I will just get a different flasher relay.

                            All in all, they are a touch too blue for my liking, but they are definitely brighter, maybe too bright? They don't seem as blue in the pics. I'll stick with them for now.

                            I literally just received an answer on eBay to my question about where the specially capped T10s went, I guessed they were map lights as they don't need to bounce light around but apparently they are ceramic and are for parkers to handle heat/UV exposure. I will swap those over this weekend, woops.

                            A few comparison and progress pics in the link.



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                              Im a fan of replacing factory interior globes to white leds.

                              Seems like you forgot to replace the globes in the doors


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                                Didn't forget, just hadn't had a chance to install them, same as reverse lights and both sets of indicators - which I've now done.

                                See pics -

                                Door lights are popped out by levering out the clip that is on the inner side of the door light, so the side closest to the cabin. There's just a single clip. You then remove the light cover with a screw driver by popping the clip. Swap the light, put it back together and you're done.

                                Front indicators were a bit of a mission, I thought I was going to have to remove the light and had removed the radiator cover, grill, undone the lights etc, but realisd you have to remove the whole bumper to get the light out. Plus side is I can tell you how to remove the grill now lol

                                With a bullbar you can just remove the lower covering plates under the light and there's a gap to get your hand up in behind the indicator assembly, having the light loose makes it much easier to get the clearance for a hand and the bigger LEDs. The image shows 2 red squares, the larger square is the gap you aim for, the smnaller square shows the globe fitting on the light. That pic is taking lying on my back looking up under the headlight.

                                Reverse lights and indicators are simply enough, 2 screws then firm even pressure outwards away from the car directly backwards. You can see the 2 pins on the light that lock into the car, there's also a plastic clip further around that the light slides into, forgot to grab a pic.

                                Indicators and reverse are heaps brighter and no hyper flashing issues either.

                                I still haveb the bullbar parker/indicator assembly and the fog lights to do, plus I think I'd like to do the mirror lights but have to work out how to remove those.

                                I also remembered the vanity lights, but the missus lights the duller yellow light for that and I never use mine so they can stay.