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  • Managed to get out for a little learning on the weekend, I've mentioned before I am an absolute 4wd novice.

    Headed to Mt Big Ben and did Basin Track and Hoves trail.

    It was only a little moist in some spots and my plan was to drive it with as few aids as possible until it couldn't and then keep making the minimum change to continue. I started out with 40psi and in high range for the Basin Track Climb and it was going OK grip wise but I just got a whiff of trans fluid smell and checked Torque to find the pan temp was reaching over 90, lower than Toyota's warning but high enough for me.

    Low range from there on until we got to some rutted steep sections, had the ABS firing up front but still climbing. Opted to put the CDL on to stop the front scrabbling and continued on our way with no more ABS noises. Right near the peak there was a little loop that was quite soft and rutted that I had a play in, managed to find the height limit in a rut and just rub the front bash plate and drag the rear diff centre on the soft ground. Also drove over a log that swung up and lightly dented the top plate on the side step, won't be a big issue to remove and straighten. Otherwise no damage. The MUX had a couple clearance issues but otherwise did really well.

    After morning tea, I took 5psi out of each tyre, down to 35, mostly for comfort, then we headed down Hoves Trail which was quite steep in sections, I had a go at the DAC, which I hate the noise of so went back to 1st gear, low range engine braking and lightly using the brakes. I could tell the brake fluid was getting warm as the pedal feel changed. The MUX had a go at DAC also and had smoke coming off the front brakes lol, he stopped using it after that and went back to engine/brakes.

    At one point it was steep enough that with brake pressure on it pinched a wheel and slid a little sideways, I was able to catch it quickly and modulate brakes to stop the slide, MUX had the same issue. I think I like mud more than steep ascent/descent, descents in particular make me nervous.

    We got to the bottom and found a gate and property boundary, not on the map, we didn't want to have to climb back up so we just cruised on quietly through and waved at the tradies building the new house there lol

    Was good fun and some good learning, really enjoy being able to change throttle maps and also see what the temps are doing via Torque.

    Next time out I'm going to stick to the creeks/pines and try and find a little mud to play in.

    Tried out Snow+ foam in my foam cannon, did quite a good job for a simple foam + high pressure spray.

    Looking like ECU will be sent off Monday for the remap so I should have it back in time for my trip North over easter.

    Also doing 80k service this weekend, I think, Both diffs and transfer plus the usuals. I'll also check the brake fluid with my Hygrometer. I grabbed all my service bits from Toyota, I still can't beleive how competitively priced they are locally.

    Couldn't get a clear shot but the view was lovely

    Click image for larger version

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    • Started chipping away at my 80k service.

      - Cleaned Air filter (re-usable dry type).
      - Cleaned Cabin filter
      - Replaced fuel filter with genuine, $80 and it's mostly a braket lol.
      - Replaced transfer case oil (OEM) (24mm socket required) - I also had to remove the aftermarket transfer case guard to do it cleanly, fiddly but fine.
      - Regreased driveshafts and uni's.

      Waiting on diff oil to do front and rear diffs, will do oil change when I do the diffs. Have OEM fluids and filter for those jobs also, being able to get it all at one spot, complete with all the crush washers etc etc is very convenient, not to mention prices are on par with anything else suitable. Have brake fluid there for full flush also, but it only tested at 1% so I may hold it over another 6mths as I am flat out with other things. Hard to beleive they only use Dot 3.

      Was contemplating removing the two baffles off the intake pipe and putting a blank in both holes to see if it makes any more induction noise lol

      Removed the glove box and various trim pieces to remove the ECU whichis being sent priority to Raptor today, expecting it back end of week. Borrowing the work Camry til then, Hybrid life.

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      • Next time try 22-24 when playing in country like this. Softer ride and more grip. Less likely to puncture when tyres can mould around rocks.


        • Originally posted by 404pug View Post
          Next time try 22-24 when playing in country like this. Softer ride and more grip. Less likely to puncture when tyres can mould around rocks.
          Yep, am aware of lowering and I have an ARB compressor onboard, but I wanted to see what the limits where first.

          Also, my compressor hose had like 3 splits in it, from just sitting in the back storage compartment doing nothing.

          Not cool.


          • ECU arrived at Tim today, gets sent back off to me tomorrow so should see it before the weekend.



            • All according to plan so far, ECU read was completed, and I have a con note for the ECU and PowerGate on its way back to me.

              Either Thurs/Friday and I'll be back in business.

              Hybrid Camry has been surprisingly enjoyable though, feels so much fastere than than the Pra"Dough" lol

              Tim has been great.


              • Originally posted by 'Dan' View Post
                Hybrid Camry has been surprisingly enjoyable though, feels so much fastere than than the Pra"Dough" lol
                Not that surprising given the weight/size differences....
                It’s still a Camry though


                • I would love to add a small electric motor to the Prado, something just to supplement the power/help economy.

                  All possible, but not with the time I have available.

                  Plus the new V6 is going to hybrid anyway apparently? Looks like a factory solution will exist.

                  I wasn't aware that once the PowerGate gets back I still need to dump and send another file from the car, then wait for the remap file to come back.

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                  • Still no ECU, and no updated tracking info since it was sent on Wednesday.

                    Called everyone I can, of course nobody knows anything.

                    I know it will turn up, but It was supposed to be here yesterday and using the work car "costs" me my car allowance for each day I'm not using my car.

                    Overnight delivery there, same carrier. Annoying >.<


                    • What an absolute stuff around.

                      Check the tracking info. After a number of calls all over the place and Tim from Raptopr literally driving to the Toll depot to question them in person (He's been great) we found out the driver accidentally put the parcel in the road freight bin so it was driven to Brisbane, they appear to have now corrected this and as you can see it's onboard for priority air the rest of the way, I assume I will see it tomorrow, small chance it arrives today.

                      I was pulling my hair out thinking they'd lost it. Called Toyota to prepare for replacement, 2.3K for a new ECU, not available til June. Have found 1 in a wrecker in Sydney, apparently only one in Aus ($350) and it's on hold for me.

                      Stress levels have been high.Plus it's costing me $50 a day in lost car allowance while I use the work car.

                      Oh and Toyota called me to tell me my Diff oils were in so I drop down and they only have 1L, I say where's the rest? She realises there was 4 more litres to come, on back order and due the 31st... Annoying!


                      • It all arrived today, happy days!

                        Have emailed Tim some files he needs and now I wait. Up to 48hrs for Alientech to add the new ECU base file to the database.

                        And Toyota even called and said my oil is in sooner than expected.

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                        • Base file captured from the car and sent back to Tim, next step is receiving and uploading the remap.

                          So close...


                          • Tune uploaded, will drive it home later and see how it is.

                            I ended up with a file that includes the 98 tune also so I will play with that at some point.

                            Almost finished the 80k service. Engine oil and rear diff done, couldn't crack front diff drain plug so bought the Kaon diff bolt removal tool and replacement bolt kit. Should be here this week.

                            Then just the brakes to go.


                            • Soooooooooo, how do you find the tune.??????


                              • I'll post some detailed feedback when I've done more than 20ks in the car and also tested the 98 tune as well (on the 95 tune currently). Working from home means I'm not driving anywhere, I will be heading in to town tomorrow though.

                                I can say that when I drove up my driveway I was quite surprised. At 30km/h the instant fuel readout normally shows about 53-55L per hundred (steep driveway). This time it showed high 40s and was doing it easier.

                                The improved lockup behaviour is noticeable also, car holding 4th at 60 or 5th at 80-90 locked on inclines where it would unlock before. I'm not blown away and I didn't think I would be, but I can definitely notice differences in behaviour and some certain scenarios where I can clearly feel more torque (such as the driveway or accelerating up inclines without dropping a gear).

                                At full throttle it less noticeable than I thought, but was way more noticeable in some spots where I wasn't expecting it to be obvious?

                                A tune + airbox mod + throttle controller really does change the car. I think I might turn it all off at some point to remind myself, maybe before I go try the 98 tune (this apparently gives that extra top end kick also).

                                Seems Kings want me to warranty my throttle controller also as it won't connect to my phone despite still working as a throttle controller itself.

                                Diff tool + plug is at the post office also so I'll do that front diff this weekend maybe. Then just the brake fluid to go.