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  • Finished removing the intake chamber, didn't realise it fed the fuel reg so had to grab a nipple from the spares box and some suitable hose.

    Bunnings caps filled the holes, cut one down to fit nicer.

    Definitely more induction noise in the carport lol

    See how it goes on the road.

    Enjoying the tune more too.

    Will upload some pics when I'm on the PC as the forum has stupid size limits and I CBF resizing etc on mobile.


    • Took car for a spin today after finishing service, with the window down and some rev's on board, dare I say it actually sounds good lol

      Window up it's still nice and quiet, just throatier.

      Front diff was a nightmare, Kaon tool simply rounded the centre out of the drain plug. Used my vac tool I use for brakes to drain through the filler hole and refill. Will worry about it in another 40ks when it's due again and I can be bothered either cold chisel or weld something on or maybe just drop at toyota and let them enjoy lol

      Brakes were odd too, I couldn't use my power bleeder, just wasn't pulling anything through, I think this is due to the Toyota design though. Used the ABS pump to push fluid through instead, but that ended up flattening the battery lol (ignition on, press pedal down and pump will fire and push fluid).

      Done now.
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      • Filled the tank with 98 today, still had easy 20L in there so will need to clock up some k's first before I can give it a some rev's. updates after I've done the k's, which might be ages at this rate lol

        Have been doing a lot of trailer work on my property lately and I can definitely say I'm enjoying the extra torque.


        • First decent k's since te tune, did 400ks today, mostly highway driving. The cruise control behaviour is improved, it seems to not overshoot as badly as it was when dropping a gear/unlocking and going up an incline. It holds 5th locked more often also.

          Clearly better power for getting up to speed on the ramps and overtaking on single lane country roads.

          Good stuff.


          • similar to my experiences. Biggest difference is the auto behaviour, much improved.
            Power doesn’t really seem that noticeable, definitely not ‘wow’ but then it pulls much better, and I find it puts on speed much easier than it used to, so has to be more grunt.
            think it’s probably a chunk of extra torque moreso than much extra power, which you feel..


            • Agreed.

              For me some of the effect is also from better intake noises, the car "sounds" faster lol

              Wish I'd done those sooner.

              Can't comment on economy, been too busy giving it a few revs for the noise lol


              • I said the same after tuning mine. First and now every drive puts a smile on my face. Keep the mods coming mate.


                • The next mod is windscreen after I dropped a top hat on it while building a shed lol Colourful language was used.

                  I was using the compressor to blow out the holes for the dynabolts and didn't move the car when I was done...

                  It's hard to find good tradies these days it seems lol
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                  • Got a lovely new windscreen in today.

                    The wreckr also came through with a mint scuttle panel after the one they sent had some minor cracks in it so I will have to swap those around when the better one arrives.

                    Been looking at a stereo upfgrade next, liking Kenwood DMX8020WS and DMX9020WS, just hunting around for package prices. Wouldn't mind adding a small front camera to the mix.