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  • Originally posted by speed_racer View Post
    So i gave this Mod a go after reading through this thread about 5 times.I couldn't really get very good access to the thermistor, but was able to splice and solder in a 50k Potentiometer in Parallel. I set it at 9.5k Ohm and then set it up.

    I also replaced the cabin filter which was in dire need of replacement. I should have bought online but went to covs and paid more. oh well.

    So I dont have a thermometer but in any case it feels "bloody cold". I'm yet to take it for a drive when it is hot, but looking forward to the improvement to the aircon.

    A few questions:

    How often should the aircon compressor be kicking in and out? I can hear it every 10 seconds or so. Is this bad?
    I'd be interested in seeing what resistance you guys are getting at various temperatures. Anyway i just want it to be cold, and to not freeze!

    Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to this!
    For some reason Toyota air cons tend to cycle quite a bit so don't be to worried about it.

    Cheers Joel


    • Thanks guys. Will give this a go
      11/06 kdj120 gx wide body auto


      • hi Steve/Adrian

        the air con mod you did a while back. i have a couple questions if I may.

        what are the side affects or running the air con so cold? Some one was saying that the evap cracks and needs to be replaced.

        Im guessing yours is still in and working. How is it going ?

        If I want to increase the air temp. Do I increase or decrease the potential resistance? Iíve set mine to 9.5k and then wired it in.

        Now while its in and working. Iíve gone from 10c to 0 or just below while on fan speed 2.

        I want to increase the temp a little. While I did adjust the potentiometer. I didnít see a temp change. Also. The compressor never turned off
        thanks in advance

        11/06 kdj120 gx wide body auto


        • You have it too cold at that setting whatever the resistance currently is. Your evaporator will freeze and you'll get little or no air flow out of the vents. You need to road test it on a hot day and see if it eventually freezes, then back off the pot setting and try again. I have previously set mine at what I thought was a good compromise but after a couple of hours the airflow dropped and I had to turn off the a/c to defrost the evap and then adjust the pot a little. I haven't checked what resistance setting mine is currently at but it is still definitely colder than before the mod. I can check in the next few days as my car is currently off the road for gearbox repairs.

          Decreasing the resistance will make the evaporator warmer and the compressor shouldn't be running all the time.
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          • Thanks mate.

            I really appreciate it

            I did try an PM you but my message isnít working

            what are you going to your gear box ?

            i just put a shift kit in mine
            11/06 kdj120 gx wide body auto


            • I wanted to add my thanks to adrian5800. After spending around $1000 many years ago trying to fault find this issue, we pretty much persisted with this for 14 years. Now she's sitting comfortably at 5 degrees after this mod, previously 12-15. Cheers.


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