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rhino rack "back bone" roof rack system

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  • Originally posted by PRO-GT View Post
    Had the Rhino rack pioneer platform 1928mm x 1236 on the backbone system fitted to my 2018 GXL prado150:
    Looks great. Would you mind measuring the clearance between the bottom of the front of the rack, and the top of the roof? I'm keen to see what size light bar would fit, mounted underneath.


    • Originally posted by medic_ben View Post
      Just a quick question for you all! Iím looking at the backbone system, however I have a rooftop tent that needs to be secured from underneath the roof rack/rail. Is it high enough off the roof to be able to get a hand and tool underneath the front and back of the rack?


      An option, and one that i just tried is to use the Pioneer Eye bolt kit (just the channel nuts) and then with a M10 bolt from bunnings (43mm I think from memory), go through the floor of the tent straight into the channel nut. I used a large m12, M10 and Split washer when fitting.
      I did this last week for a trip to Fraser, a bit fiddly to get right (and drilled new holes in floor of RTT), but worked a treat. I've marked up where the tent sits, and the channel bolts need to be for next time.
      My rack sits to close tot he roof for me to get my hand in there and do anything up, hence why I went this option.


      • I'm ready to get a Pioneer Platform, with Backbone, installed on my Prado 150, but I can't decide between the 2128mmx1236mm (42107B) or 1928mmx1236mm (42102B) size. Some people on here have got the smaller, some the larger, and everyone seems happy.

        The only thing I know I'll be putting up on the rack is our BlackWolf Turbo tent, which is only 1.2m long, but I'm sure I'll end up putting a lot more up there.

        Why shouldn't I just get the bigger one? Is it mainly because of looks that people are getting the smaller one? Or is there more to it?


        • Originally posted by tommack84 View Post

          Looks great. Would you mind measuring the clearance between the bottom of the front of the rack, and the top of the roof? I'm keen to see what size light bar would fit, mounted underneath.
          I have an identical setup on my 2018 Vx.
          I measured between the bottom of the rack and my roof the other night and if I remember correctly it was something along the lines of 65-75mm.

          Im looking at installing a 30Ē single row light bar underneath as I think a double row will be too thick and wonít fit. I have seen a few installations with a bracket for the light bar coming from the top of the rack, but by doing it this way the brackets will interfere with gear you want on your rack and in my opinion they donít look as good.

          Hope this helps


          • I fitted a backbone to my '10 150 a few weeks ago. I've also got a 42inch lightbar mounted on it from brackets that hang off the roof. I've attached some photos to give an indication of clearance from the roof and for the light. Note that the top of the roof is curved- As such there is no "consistant" height between the rack and the bottom of the platform. To address Grinbots comment- I'd just buy the big bugger, I did and have no regrets. They're much better on NVH than other racks I've had and the only highway noise I get is from the lightbar being mounted where it is.

            EDIT: Yes the brackets are a dodgy, they're there as a temporary measure until I work out whats going on top and where it's going.
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            • Thanks for the input Atherton. Yep, I'm going to get the bigger one -- the extra space will be useful and function has to come before form. Light bar looks great.


              • I installed my 2128mm x 1236mm Pioneer Platform with Backbone yesterday. It took me quite a while, but it seems pretty solid now.

                I had a little trouble getting the rack evenly placed on the roof -- perhaps the holes I drilled were slightly off. By loosening all the bolts (including the bolts fastening the cross bars to the platform) it gave me enough play to twist it so it was pretty square on the roof (with even over hangs).

                The other thing that troubled me was how much torque to apply to the various hex nuts. I think I might have been a bit overzealous and over torqued some of them. Oh well.

                Anyway, seems solid now and looks good!


                • Iíve had the backbone and pioneer platform fitted to my 2018 VX. Iím getting some wind noise which is a little annoying. Are you guys getting wind noise also?

                  I expect wind noise is somewhat typical with most racks. However my 120 series with an alloy rack on cross bars didnít have any wind noise - or a real comparison I know.
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                  • You're going to get some wind noise- Toyota would have spent millions on NVH reduction, putting the thing in wind tunnels making it quite etc. and then you've come along and basically put a big box on top of it (I've done exactly the same thing). Mine was pretty quite before I put a lightbar on top of it- That really made it noisy.


                    • Ben, were there any current discount codes for the eBay backbone rack deal?


                      • We did some 100km/h+ driving over the weekend and we didn't notice any extra wind noise from our 2128mm x 1236mm Pioneer Platform with Backbone (nothing was stored on it). There probably is some extra noise; we just couldn't perceive it.


                        • I just need some clarification as i have some really tight space constraints.

                          Currently i have 2 x vortex crossbars with the SX clamp type feet on the roof of my 150 prado. i fit into my garage with 10mm at the minimum clearance point.

                          Does anyone know if the Pioneer flat rack with backbone mounting system will be lower or higher than my current setup?


                          • Mine sits lower than when I had the bars on top of the roof rails
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                            • Post deleted on RhinoRack for sale - it's on Ebay and ends tomorrow. Can't seem to delete this post. Cheers!
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                              • Hi guys,
                                I have a Rhino Pioneer SX 44102B (1928 by 1236 ) which I installed 2 years ago on my Prado 150 2014 with roof rail and using the sxb legs.
                                I want to change to the backbone system instead of the sxb legs for height clearance reasons.

                                The installer specified that I need to convert the sx tray into a standard tray by adding 3 under bars before mounting the tray on the backbone


                                Can anyone comment that is the right way to do it as I thought the Pioneer tray will mount straight on the backbone?