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Possible flaw in design of air filter housing on 150 series 2.8l Prados, may damage engine.

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  • Possible flaw in design of air filter housing on 150 series 2.8l Prados, may damage engine.

    Has anyone noticed or checked for dust leakage past the air filter seal in the 2.8l engines in the 150 series Prado. I originally thought it was carelessness on the part of the service mechanic at my local Toyota dealer. I have since found out there may be a problem with the filter housings. I have taken photos of a small amount of dust collected on the stainless steel grid on the engine side of the air filter.

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    I have never seen the air filter on a 2.8 but on my 3.0L dust can get between the filter and the housing.

    The solution is each time the filter is replaced I get some grease and smear around the edge of the filter.

    It works well, even after a long and dusty trip very little dust has got past it into the air box.


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      yeah its a known issue , was in the media a couple of years ago , all the 2.8s affected along with the 200series . As usual Toyota say nothing and do nothing about it. As per above some rubber grease around the air filter will fix it.


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        Yep, I've reported mine 5 times now to 3 different dealers. 3 times they couldn't find what the issue was, once they cleaned it and said monitor it and the last time they couldn't see the issue until I pointed it out then insinuated that the Safari snorkel was to blame. Are there actually any good Toyota Dealers in the country?


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          Literally just got a phone call from the local Toyota Dealer regarding this. Basically said that Toyota says that if the vehicle is used under dusty conditions, this is perfectly normal and won't cause any long term issues with anything, and all he can suggest is regularly cleaning or replacing the air filter if used in dusty conditions. That's fair, but if it has drawn that much dust thru the air filter after only 1500kms of dirt, I'd suggest there is a major issue somewhere and I'd hate to imagine how one that lives on dirt roads is faring.