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  • Welcome.
    My 150 build -


    • Hello from California,

      Just signed up today. I'm a big fan of Prado and awesome Australian off-road scene and after-market products. I previously owned a 2003 Toyota 4Runner V8 2WD.

      Model: Lexus GX 460 - V8 (Prado 150's American Cousin)
      Year: 2015
      Colour: Black

      Accessories: Ironman 4x4 Foam Cell Pro shock/coil over lift kit, RCI skid plates, HELO 18x9 wheels, Cooper Discoverer A/T3 275/70R18 tires, Ironman4x4 Snorkel, black-out vinyl wrap, Vanguard bull bar (for now) and LED ligh bar, LED interior lights, Husky fitted rubber floor mat, Landcruiser Prado rear lights from Japan.

      Accessories pending delivery/installation: Ironman4x4 Delux Commercial Bull Bar, MetalTech4x4 OPOR sliders, wheel flares, and Superwinch.

      Wishlist: More trail off-roading across California and the states, more off-road worthy parts.

      Ultimate wishlist: Ship my GX to Australia and tour your beautiful landscape and meet the wonderful Aussies.

      Thank you for allowing me to join this great forum from across the pond. We have over 5000 members, GX 470 (Prado 120) and GX 460 (Prado 150) in GXOR - Off-Road Facebook group. I'm here just to learn and share - very new to off-roading, since March this year.


      Pictured: on Wheeler's Pass trail, crossing 7700-foot Mount Charleston, just North of Las Vegas, Navada.


      • Hi mate, welcome to PradoPoint.

        Very impressive rig you have there, love it! Hopefully one day you can get it out here and explore the country, if i see it i'll be sure to say hi.
        2007 120 GXL D4D 6sp Man - My Rig


        • hey everyone a short intro for me

          Im Adam from Sunset Strip Vic

          Model: GXL KDJ150R Prado
          Year: 2011
          Colour: Graphite

          Accessories: Arb deluxe sahara bar,
          safari snorkel,
          dual batteries,
          hayman reece towbar,
          lovells 2" with bilsteins,
          polyair red airbags,
          anderson plug,
          bf goodrich A/T's 265/70/17
          clarion nx501a gps
          tjm underbody protection

          spotties (light force 215, arb intensity 21, or ironman 7" blast ?)
          roof rack (rhino pioneer ?)
          Draw setup one draw one slide for my 40lt engel
          led interior lights



          • Guess who's back... Maybe

            So I've had an offer on the ranger, and I'm considering accepting it and moving into a new prado... Couldn't keep me away could you.. ?

            Today is the tomorrow you were shitting yourself about yesterday - Billy Thorpe


            • Hey Everyone,

              Luke here. Been lurking for awhile and thought I better do the introduction.

              2008 Grande.

              Pretty stock.
              Has full length Rhino roof rack
              soon to have redarc dual battery setup


              • Hi guys

                just joined as have only just become a proud new prado owner!

                just got ourselves a new 2018 GXL Prado, graphite colour with leather interior. Just upgraded from a 09 Territory and 04 SR Hilux dual cab. Family is expanding!

                currently no accessories as wanted to do everything ourselves, however will be needing tow and bull bars, then roof racks and awning, and probably some other mods along the way. Haven't gone about this stuff ourselves before, any recommendations on brands, who to use etc? So far have had ARB highly recommended as well as Ironman. Not sure where to start for comparisons, some help would be great.

                cheers all


                • Gday

                  Have just arrived back in Australia after a 5 yr work posting grew into 32 yrs, But I have now become a new owner of a Prado

                  2007 GXL Prado
                  Alloy Bullbar
                  BFG KM2's

                  looking now for low profile roof rack {rhino?}
                  2" lift
                  UHF radio and Antenna
                  rear draw kit
                  12v system to operate Bushman Fridge



                  • Hello Iím keith from Perth,

                    currently in the market for a prado 150,

                    I have owned a 105 with the 1hz beautiful car and also just sold my 80 series 1hdt factory turbo vx Sahara.. now to upgrade and something the missies can drive easier..

                    my my father in-law has a 120 with the d4d and has 390,000km so good to know they will last with good maintenance timming belt and injectors done when needed

                    also had to make a new account as my old one I made a few years ago isnít working wonít let me post ?


                    • Welcome (back). Post up your Prados. Never get enough of them!
                      My 150 build -


                      • Hey guys, My name is Marco and I'm from Sydney,

                        Model: GXL
                        Year: 2010
                        Colour: Grey
                        Factory options: Roof Racks, Towbar

                        This weekend I'm having 2nd hand all terrains fitted and getting a Kings awning
                        Safari snorkel
                        Ironman bullbar and scrub rails
                        Titan rear drawers
                        Flat roof rack
                        Rear awning
                        40L fridge (Waeco or Kings)
                        2" lift via Bilstein shocks and Dobinson coils
                        Airbag man bags
                        BF Goodrich KM2 or KM3 in 285/70r17
                        3" exhaust
                        Diesel chip (still undecided)
                        Rear bar with wheel carrier and jerry holder
                        Redarc BCDC and solar panel
                        Optima D34 aux battery

                        I plan to use the Prado for weekend trips to start with and get more comfortable with longer trips (this is my first 4wd)
                        any tips or advice, hit me up



                        • Hi,guys.Well I just join to this forum and I hope I can get some good info here.Thanks for having me!


                          • Hi All,

                            First time post here.

                            Glad that security question has been sorted as I have been trying to joing the forum since October last year. This was just before i purchased my 2018 Prado. Then just after i got it, and needed some wisdom on mods, especially tyres, the forum was down. Oh no!. Lucky i spent some time reading previously. Anyway, the point being, its nice to finally be a member.

                            Model: GXL - Leather Pack
                            Year: 2018
                            Colour: Crystal Pearl
                            Factory options: Towbar, Rubber Mats, Tinted Bonnet Protector

                            Already started the build up process, so I'm guessing I'll start build thread with some pics for those of us that like that stuff.

                            (NSW Central Coast)


                            • Oh no! I have gone and bought a Tojo!

                              Hi - my name is Andrew and I am the owner of a brand spanking new GXL Charcoal Prado which was delivered last Thursday. Really happy with it although there are lots of buttons and gadgets that I have to come to grips with.

                              However, it's a Toyota and although I am looking forward to kitting it out for outback travel etc and exploring our country I still have mixed feelings. I still have my Landrover Defender 90 and as brilliant as it is, it is too small for extended trips. Given the prices that late model Defenders are going for at the moment, a One-ten is not really an option. Hence the Prado. Our shopping list was narrowed down to basically a Prado, an Amarok or a D-Max. I don't like Mitsubishis and the utes are a bit too agricultural with their leaf springs. Landcruisers are too big and too expensive and the Patrols don't come in diesel. I have done a couple of those tag-along tours and seen how capable the Prados are in the rough - so it wasn't a hard decision. Parting with the Deefer will be hard though.

                              I think first up I will put in some Drifta drawers, fridge slide and dual batteries so at least I can go camping and have cold beer. Then it will be a bull bar, and possibly a rear fold out bar with tire carrier with the jerrycan/water can holder. Then the a bit of lift, shocks and tyres.

                              Looking forward to some good times with the Prado and meeting some like-minded people here on the forum and getting to know the vehicle a bit better.


                              Andrew and Deb


                              • Hi, Bart from Perth here.

                                Model: GX
                                Year: 2012
                                Colour: white
                                Accessories: dual battery, roof rack & cargo carrier, side steps, towbar/ball.
                                - I will be installing a Icom CB that I already have, KN airfilter when I go buy it and my pokeball gear knob (the most important mod)
                                Wishlist: Snorkel, new head unit speakers and amp. rear and front camera. dash cam. roof top tent. The usual goodies to have a fun and safe camping trip. (long service leave here I come) probably a winch too, oo and maybe a solar setup for long stays.

                                I'm going from a Subaru BRZ to a Prado, this will be interesting. Mainly due to some changes in my life and the need to tow and carry stuff. Looking forward to many years with the new car and hopefully get out and do some 4wd trips. I am totally new to this so my goal is to go on a 4wd training thing and get some knowledge before I do something stupid.

                                Anyway, have a good day all.

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