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  • Originally posted by JohnLynn View Post
    Sorry 120D4D if I was anywhere near you and had a lead you could gladly borrow it.

    Thanks John - happy to hear from anyone local with a working cable for the 1GD!

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    • For those struggling to setup Techstream on Windows 10 x64, I jotted down the instructions below. I just installed V13 with success

      TechStream 13.00.22 Installation Instructions for Windows 10 X64

      01. Run Techstream_Setup_V13.00.022.exe and complete installation
      02. Copy MainMenu.exe and TechStream.exe from the Crack folder to C:\Program Files (x86)\Toyota Diagnostics\Techstream\bin
      03. Run MVCI Driver for TOYOTA.exe and complete installation
      04. Copy folder XHorse Electronics to C:\Program Files (x86)
      05. Run registry edit mvci-x64 and restart computer
      06. Plug in Mini-VCI Cable J2534
      07. Run Techstream shortcut on the Desktop and select region Other, Select Australia and enter any details in all of the boxes
      08. On Main Screen of TechStream select Setup on top menu and then select VIM Select, drop down box and select XHORSE - MVCI
      09. Connect Cable to Vehicle with ignition off
      10. Switch vehicle ignition on
      09. Wihtin the TechStream app select Connect Vehicle
      10. When prompted enter registration keyand select OK.

      Key reasons for the cable not being detected / not working
      1. x64 bit registry settings have not been applied
      2. the drivers have not been put in the correct folder - the drivers need to be manually copied to the C:\Program Files (x86)\XHorse Electronics\MVCI Driver for TOYOTA TIS
      3. make sure the registry settings point to the correct folder where MVCI32.dll is located (took me a while to realise the registry settings applied pointed to different location for this file.

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      • Originally posted by 120D4D View Post
        Hi all,

        I have verion 12.xx of techstream running fine on an old laptop but it seems I can communicate with the engine ECU - other systems work fine??

        Not sure if my cable is to old as ive had it a few years... I recall a comment about canbus?

        Does anyone in Adelaide Metro have a cable that works on a 1GD that I can borrow?
        I also have this problem. It worked fine seeing live engine data on a 1KD, but not on this 1GD. Win 7, Version 12 techstream on cable with Version 1 firmware.

        Did you find a solution by any chance?


        • Earlier cheaper leads with firmware 1.4 ( I think from memory) will connect but not read the data lists you need a later lead with firmware 2.0.1 (again from memory so those numbers may not be right but you get the idea)


          • Thanks. Will update the lead off ebay.


            • I just purchased off EBAY and it works with software on disc. Just select Europe as region. Running on Windows 10 32bit. Make sure to update/install latest Java.


              • Ha been searching to find seller vut why do some sell a version 12? Should we just buy 10?

                prado 150 2012


                • There used to be a forum that supplied the latest version (well into 13 now) and then if you sent them your techstream ID they would send you keys to activate for four different areas.
                  This was before Toyota recently forced them to close their forum section on Toyota altogether. You may be interested to search for the efforts in America to bring in laws called "right to repair" which aims to prevent manufacturers keeping diagnostic tools and information secret.
                  Anyway you will be pleased to know that there are still ways to get the latest techstream if you try hard enough.

                  Edit after I had posted this comment I watched the news which talked about "the federal opposition plans to force car manufacturers to share their technical information so vehicles can be serviced by any mechanic." I hope that this is more than just pre election promises which never materialise.
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