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120 Prado shift lever repair kit

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  • Hi, Just ordered.



    • Hey Andrew, hope this legendary enterprise is still in action? Just ordered a kit for myself.


      • Got to say what a great kit - just over an hour to dismantle, fit and put back together.
        Only ordered 12th Jan 2020 and it turned up on the 15th January! Already fitted, done and dusted and it's only the 16th (I'm in the UK BTW).
        Automatic now goes D->4 which it never did before (and strangely they didn't mention this when I bought the 120 a few weeks ago!)

        This kit is a life saver (and cash saver - 500+ for the plastic parts!)

        Many thanks Andrew!


        • Fitted mine today.

          Great kit, and agree with other comments about quick delivery!

          Instructions were spot on, probably around an hour all up at most. Finally smooth gear changes all the way from P to 1 and back.

          Thanks for yet another quality product Andrew!
          2004 Grande V6 4.0, ARB colour coded bar, Magnum 9k winch, dual battery, HD King springs/Bilstein F4-BE5-A712-MO (front), Airbag Man extended airbags/OME Sport 150R shocks (rear), OziOffroad diff drop, BFG KM2s, Hella 225s, ARB CKMA12 compressor, Rhino-Rack HD bars x3/alloy tray, Sunseeker II awning, Prodigy, TX3340, cargo barrier, 50L water tank with 12v pump, rear storage system, Waeco 60L with slide, rear door table, rear camp light.


          • Just installed mine today. Easy as, made more so with the great tutorial.

            Thanks Andrew


            • Hi Andrew ordered a kit on the 5th and I am wondering if you still do the rear wheel bracket and light pole for 120
              Recovery points and compressor bracket have stood the test of time many thanks.
              regards John
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              • Thanks for this great site and all the great posts for a newbie. Just ordered for a floppy stick!


                • Thanks heaps. Just installed it and gearstick feels brand new. Fixed its inability to stay in 4th and L gear. I'm super appreciative of all the information and cheap, easy fixes Pradopoint provides.

                  Install notes:
                  - My old bullet was completely missing. All other parts seemed to be in decent condition though. Took me about an hour beginning to end because I spent a while cleaning the centre console. The instructions were incredibly clear.

                  - Disconnecting the white power connector under the centre console was a real hassle. Even by squeezing the clip to disconnect it, trying to use a screwdriver, and tugging on the wires, I couldn't get it loose. I finally figured out I could get both hands under the console from the passenger side and that made it super easy to disconnect.

                  - Used a screwdriver to pry off the old star washer. This took more effort and prying than expected but wasn't hard to do.

                  - Could probably have used more grease to lube up the new bullet and track it moves along. I used the old grease that was there, but didn't think till after I'd reassembled everything about how much that bullet is actually rubbing against the plastic track.


                  • Thanks Amts part fitted perfectly well and solved the problem.

                    As mentioned and for anyone else who has the same issue, the shifter became very tight. While 4 wheel driving it become very loose. As someone else mentioned, the pin was missing, found it under the console.

                    Brilliant service amts, thanks again!


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